Step out of your self-imposed prison of unconscious limitations and emotional suffering with Celebrity Life Coach Ashley Maven! Ashley specializes in emotional freedom, inner healing, and success.

I am living proof that we can step out of our self-imposed prison, end toxic emotional patterns, and create a life we’re excited to wake up for from the inside out. By the age of 20 I had been prescribed 11 psychoactive medications to treat a lifetime of emotional suffering. Here were some of my diagnosis: Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Clinical Depression, Dissociative Disorder, ADD, ADHD, and Bipolar. It wasn’t until I learned how to build the necessary unconscious and internal resources as well as re-pattern what no longer served me, that I was fully able to heal a lifetime of extreme suffering without medication, and create true lasting joy. Once joy was achieved, my next goal was success and a life that supported my dreams. It turns out that healing and transforming success issues isn’t much different for the conscious and unconscious mind than joy is. I am now known for helping my clients have radical lasting transformations and move into a state of thriving, joy centered living, abundance, and dreams realized.”

-Ashley Maven

From her Solution to Suffering Programs to her Premiere Success Mentorships, Ashley teaches her clients how to truly love living (from the inside out)! Ashley is known for helping her clients permanently overcome emotional suffering patterns and live lives anchored in joy as well as helping her clients step into success and overcome their scarcity, fear based, and limited living while breaking free of the unconscious limitations and patterns that keep people stuck in toxic life cycles.

Anxiety, depression, trauma responses, and emotional suffering are no match for the powerful work Ashley does!

Leading results based Emotional Freedom Expert and Celebrity Life Coach, Ashley specializes in emotional fitness, unconscious and conscious mind transformation, inner healing, the internal resources necessary for success and how to live a life anchored in joy. Ashley is known for helping her clients have radical lasting transformations and move into a state of success, thriving, and joy centered living.

“Our reality is often a mirror of what’s inside us, by transforming our inner world we can experience a new outer world.” –Ashley