I am living proof that we can step out of our self-imposed prison of limiting beliefs and create our dream life from the inside out. By the age of 20 I had been prescribed 11 psychoactive medications to treat a lifetime of emotional suffering. Here were some of my diagnosis: Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Clinical Depression, Dissociative Disorder, ADD, ADHD, and Bipolar. It wasn’t until I learned how to build the necessary unconscious resources as well as re-pattern what no longer served me that I was fully able to heal a lifetime of extreme suffering without medication, and create true lasting happiness. Once happiness was achieved, my next goal was success and wealth. It turns out that healing and transforming money issues isn’t much different for the conscious and unconscious mind than joy. I am now known for helping my clients have radical lasting transformations and move into a state of thriving, wealth, and joy centered living. You can have it all!”

-Ashley Maven

“One session with Ashley and you will quickly  realize her work and talents are unlike any  other. She is undeniably gifted with healing  powers, manifesting powers, and innate psychic senses.”

A born empath, Ashley has made a  career out of empowering people and helping  her clients create their dream reality from the  inside out. Unique in her abilities, Ashley is able to tap into the highest vibration of the  universe and provide her clients with empathetic  and insightful intuitive guidance and healing work, using her gifts that  allow her to clearly see, feel, hear, and know the  highest truths. Using her gift as a truth see-er,  Ashley is able to locate the root cause of undesirable blocks and thus release them through her work while also building the new resources necessary to create sustainable success. Through the practice of Psychoneurology (New Psychology), Ashley also teaches and trains the subconscious and conscious minds how to live in joy and operate in harmony at their optimal best. Ashley’s very special system of tending to the energetic and spiritual bodies while also the conscious and subconscious minds, create a wholeness approach to wellness. In addition to Ashley’s healing wisdom, Ashley has mastered the art of Manifestation and continues to help her clients empower themselves not only mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, but also in the physical world through abundance & prosperity.


“All of our reality is merely a mirror of what’s inside us, by shifting the limiting beliefs, emotional patterns, unconscious barriers, and transforming our inner world we are able to change our outer world (our reality) and call in what we want and release what no longer serves us.”  -Ashley Maven

Ashley is blessed to have been an honorary student of Psychoneurology in the Doctoral program at Beurin University, where she has attained certifications in Core Transformation Therapy and Parental Timeline Response Therapy. She uses many of the principles, practices, and protocols of Psychoneurology, helping her clients obtain joyful, peaceful, and fulfilled lives and move into a state of optimal internal wellness. Psychoneurology teaches the art of thriving and gives a fool proof way of letting go of all the perceived barriers, blocks, labels, and pathologies our society puts on us and we put on ourselves. Through Ashley’s practice of Psychoneurology, she teaches her clients how to be the Divine Masters of their own lives while in a state of Thriving.  Ashley continues her studies in the field of Psychoneurology under the guidance of the founder Dr. Colbey Forman.

Ashley learned to master her intuitive and Divine energetic work through many different mediums including Theta Healing where she received her Certified Advanced Practitioner status through the Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge (T.H.I.N.K.).

Through Ashley’s channeled energy work, Ashley is able to facilitate the release of negative belief systems and energies stored in the physical and energetic bodies and subconscious mind all the way to the DNA level. Ashley’s work allows her to foster individual’s desired reality across multiple domains including but not limited to the areas of health, wealth, and love. Ashley has had great success in helping her clients manifest their dreams and desires while enriching the quality of their daily lives.

Ashley is also a Reiki Master as well as studied in many different areas of alternative healing including but not limited to Ericksonian Induction Hypnosis, Energetic Breath Work, Subconscious Mind Reprogramming, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Past Life Regression, Ho’oponopono, Emotional Freedom Technique, Animal Communication, Elemental Communication, Crystal Healing, Aroma Therapy, Meditation, Kundalini, Kabbalah, Yoga, Divination, and Mediumship. Despite her vast knowledge, Ashley continues her studies in the alternative healing realm to provide her clients with the most powerful resources available.

In addition to her work and passion for healing & success coaching, Ashley is an avid equestrian, with years of experience as a professional Rider, Trainer, Coach, and Clinician, with a passion and talent for Grand Prix Dressage.  Ashley’s overall reverence for life and commitment to enhancing the quality and overall well-being of all living things is evident in her work with people (as well as with animals!).

“I believe it is all of our Divine Birthright to THRIVE. There is no need to silently suffer. I am so grateful to be doing this work, helping people move out of their self-imposed prison and into freedom, wealth and joy!” –Ashley Maven


Here is an interview explaining Ashley’s personal story…