Ashley is blessed to have been an honorary student of Psychoneurology in the Doctoral program at Beurin University. She uses many of the principles, practices, and protocols of Psychoneurology, helping her clients obtain joyful, peaceful, and fulfilled lives and move into a state of optimal internal wellness. Psychoneurology teaches the art of thriving and gives a powerful way of letting go of all the perceived barriers, blocks, labels, and pathologies our society puts on us and we put on ourselves. Through Ashley’s practice of Psychoneurology, she teaches her clients how to be the co-creators of their own lives while in a state of thriving. Ashley is equipped with an arsenal to eradicate emotional suffering from stubborn depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, traumas, and beyond.

In addition to her studies of Psychoneurology, Ashley has studied the relationship between the unconscious and conscious minds and nervous system through many different healing therapies and offers her clientele a wide variety of healing protocols and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to true, lasting, radical, transformation from the inside out.

Ashley admits that she geeks out on everything personal development and spirituality, empowering others to let go of their victim mentality once and for all, and learn how to effectively create a life they’re excited to wake up for from the inside out.

In addition to her work and passion for transformation, healing & success, Ashley is an avid equestrian, with years of experience as a professional Rider, Trainer, Coach, and Clinician, with a passion and talent for Grand Prix Dressage. When Ashley is not serving her clientele, she can be found either rescuing horses or with her personal rescue horses (which make many cameos in her videos on her blog!). Ashley’s overall reverence for life and commitment to enhancing the quality and overall well-being of all living things is evident in her work with people (as well as with animals!).

“There is no need to silently suffer. I am so grateful to be doing this work, helping people move out of suffering and into freedom, success, and joy!” –Ashley Maven