Healed of Self Sabotage

All he had heard his whole life was that he was a failure. And admittedly, he had a habit of hiding his head in the sand, procrastinating, hoping to evade the terrible pain that came with the pressures of life. As hard as others had been on him, it was nothing... read more

She spent thousands on biz coaches…

She had invested thousands in business coaches. From group programs, mentorships, self study e-courses, and 1:1 programs. But the cookie cutter models weren’t cutting it. She’d gain a teeny bit of success, and then go right back to where she started. Many times she... read more

“I just want to be normal”

I remember a client of mine on our very first call together told me she just wanted to be normal and she just wanted her life normal. I hear this a lot. I quickly corrected her. I find it quite an achievement to be as abnormal as possible according to the world’s... read more

Her story.

She admitted she didn’t even really know why she scheduled a consultation with me. Her friends had recommended me, but how could I possibly help her? She didn’t have an anxiety issue or depression, or something that clearly needed attention. She had real life... read more

The Road

It was a long road back to myself, from twists and turns all around. Discouragement and disappointments had left me on this hellish highway looking for meaning deeper than the trauma and pains I had experienced in life. From every disappointment, starting with my... read more

The Mind Trap that Keeps You Stuck

Here is another Success Soundbite for you all about two different orientations of your mind and why it’s really important to discern which one you’re in and make sure you’re in the orientation of your mind that will help you move towards your dreams... read more

Flip this question to end worry

Hi Gorgeous Light! A little love note to encourage you… Worry, anxiety, and such is using your imagination and creativity to hurt yourself. It’s really like bullying yourself. Y’see when you’re imagining all the things that could go wrong, when... read more

Emotional Freedom: The Tower

Hi Gorgeous Light! Here is an emotional freedom success tip for you- build the Tower! New group program 🌟Joy Rising🌟 just launched! Super duper special early bird pricing happening now!! Sign up for Joy Rising here! I am so excited to take this journey with you! Sign... read more

Group Learning Experience: Joy Rising!

Hi Gorgeous Light!! You may have seen that unexpectedly I birthed a brand new group program to best serve you and bless you!! I am so excited!!! Annnnnnd now…… we’re live!!!! Tadddaaaaaa!!!!!! 🌟🌟🌟JOY RISING! 🌟🌟🌟 This is for you if you want…... read more

This Week: Darkest before the Dawn

Hi beautiful light! This week is significant with Passover and Easter! Passover is the celebration of God freeing the Israelites from being slaves with Moses leading them out of Egypt and to freedom. This is so significant because I feel like all year God has been... read more

What God has shown me….

I have had some of the most incredible experiences with God in the last year- one of the most bizarre was being shook in my bathtub a few nights ago-hah! (read on!), I had thought these experiences were just meant for me, until I had another powerful encounter with... read more

Fear Crushing / Glory Rising

Hi Gorgeous Light! Some crazy times we’re in, eh? I’ve spent a lot of time in prayer advocating for all of us and in communion with God. I encourage you to do so and pursue your relationship with God, I’ve had some incredibly profound experiences. I... read more

How to Actually *Let Go*

Hey y’all! There’s so much talk out there about “letting go” and “releasing blocks”. Well if you’re not careful, you may actually keep yourself stuck without realizing it! This is how the mind ACTUALLY lets go. (scroll down to watch video)   I’m ready to live... read more

Rejection Anticipatory Anxiety

Do you ever feel stressed about things such as a new client meeting, a presentation, sending out a marketing newsletter, or maybe even going to a social gathering or even a romantic date? A common cause would be rejection fears and anticipatory anxiety, try this tool... read more