Every Parent Needs to Read This

Take a moment and look through these photos. Let the wisdom and deep emotion in them wash over you. And as you sense these were taken by a photographer with years of experience who has mastered her craft…. just know, they were taken by an 11 year old. I had the... read more

Let Freedom Ring

Hello Gorgeous Light! For my USA neighbors, I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July weekend full of celebrating freedom! Us humans, oh my stars do we love our freedom! Am I right?? And yet, what boggles my mind is I see so many people living in total bondage. This... read more

Answering the Criticism

Pssst…. this is an example of a super secret love note that was sent to my newsletter list! If you want to receive emails like this full of resources for you, make sure to sign up for my newsletter (sign up bar is on my homepage!) Hi Gorgeous Light! It’s... read more

{video} Living in Joy

Here is a video all about how to live in joy! I was a guest speaker in someone’s subscription program and was asked to speak on joy! Request a... read more

She was living in torment…

She told me she had never experienced a day fully free from the torment. Y’see she spent most of her life in some sort of cycle of suffering, whether it was anxiety or depression, a war within her mind constantly telling her she wasn’t good enough, or the daily battle... read more

…Could you stay a while…

Could you stay a while so I don’t have to be alone. Could you stay a while because inside my head is a war zone. Could you stay a while so I can focus on you and not me. Could you stay a while because I’m scared I’ll have a panic attack and never be free. Could you... read more

While the children were twirling…

As a child, while I was fighting through terrible feelings all the time, I’d notice how the kids around me would seem effortless in their ability to play. I was totally envious of this carefree lifestyle! I’d watch them with reckless abandon play and laugh and would... read more

Mom’s Rejection

I was in mere grade school when the awareness formed in my horse obsessed little girl mind that I was emotionally rejected by someone who by default was supposed to love me. I’d watched my friends with these emotionally present and invested mothers who would dote on... read more

Emotionally Dumpster Diving

A dear client of my coined this teaching as “dumpster diving”. This teaching has helped many of my clients begin to step out of toxic patterns and become aware of why they are even in these circumstances to begin with! And while tending to that empty part in our work... read more

Stuck in To Do or Not To Do

Continuing on with uncovering common ways people get stuck under the guidance of professionals, here’s a common trap I see especially amongst the coaching industry! If you’re feeling discouraged or defeated in your efforts, you’ll want to watch this! Apply for a... read more

Stuck in Neutralizing & Getting Rid of Pain?

In this video I share another common way I see so many people get stuck in their healing and personal development journey. This one is sooooo common and it’s my heart for people who are stuck to change their focus and experience freedom from the pain and suffering!... read more

Are You Stuck in the Awareness?

In this short video series, I share with you the most common ways I see people get stuck in life even under the guidance of professionals. Here is video #1! Stuck in the awareness! As always, if you’re ready to get unstuck make sure to apply for a consultation! Apply... read more

Change the Inner Announcer Stopping Your Success

We all have an inner commentator, like a sports announcer giving the play by play of our lives. This voice is a lot more than just chattering thoughts, it’s directing your experience of life and your success. Watch video below for more info!   Apply for a... read more