6 Reasons You’re Stuck in Life

6 Reasons You’re Stuck in Life

“Life is images of the mind expressed”

Well more precisely, images/beliefs/patterns/programs of the unconscious mind but the unconscious mind does not behave the same way as your conscious mind (the thinking mind).

Here are some ways the unconscious mind “trips you up” and keeps you stuck in life.

These can be applied to any area of your life

  1.  1. Consciously you are attempting to make changes, but the unconscious beliefs are stronger and cancelling out your efforts.

    • Example: Someone attended a success workshop, put all the new actions into place, started saying affirmations everyday, with little or no results. This shows me that the person was still operating from unconsciously believing the opposite of their efforts (for example: I am a failure, Others can succeed, but not me, etc…)
    • Whenever someone tells me the laundry list they’ve tried to better an area of their life with little or no success, I know we’re dealing with a stronger unconscious belief that’s canceling the efforts. Remember, things like affirmations and such only target the conscious mind, they do not create change in the unconscious unless there’s already a dominant unconscious belief that supports the positive thinking.
  2. 2. Your unconscious is coding what you desire with pain.

    • Your unconscious moves towards pleasure and away from pain. Even if you really want success in an area of your life but the unconscious mind is coding it to pain, it will keep the very thing you desire away from you.
      • Example: A new level of business success is coded with less time for yourself, more work, more stress, etc. This equals pain to the unconscious (remember the unconscious is not logical) and it will keep the new level of success away.
  3. 3. Your unconscious is creating what it knows over and over.

    • Examples: Any life pattern! Dating someone with the same shortcomings like your parent. Never being able to sustain a new level of business success. Family dynamics being passed down through generations. Your growing up story feels very similar to your grown up story now. Same patterns in different romantic relationships happening over and over again. Any repetitions and patterns you see in life.
  4. 4. Your thoughts, feelings, and actions are incongruent with your desires.

    • Example: Someone really wants new clients but they feel like such a failure. They’ll do some actions. But they do them because they think they have to in order to survive, not because they really believe and expect in enthusiasm that their actions will be fruitful. They’re approaching life from worry and stress, as if they’ve already been defeated.
    • How will you feel when your desires are realized? That’s how you approach life.
  5.  5. You’ve tied fear and attachment energy to your desires.

    • Example: You’re constantly thinking about the area of your life you want to shift. You won’t give it any space to breathe. It consumes your thoughts and weighs you down. This is all fear based attachment and is like turning a magnet backwards and repels instead of magnetizes.
  6. 6. Your desires aren’t in alignment with God’s will for your life.

    • This one is the rarest I’ve seen with my clients! Many times our desires are our North Stars guiding us on an aligned path. Every now and then we need a little tweak but when we get in the habit of involving God in everything- this has rarely been what I’ve seen. I will say however I’ve watched God completely wow my clients (and myself!) by bringing amazing opportunities seeming out of the blue or shifting the course of someone’s life.

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