Big Money Lie Revealed!

Big Money Lie Revealed!

Hi again Gorgeous Light!

I’m lit up over here and on a role…. so here’s ANOTHER powerful sharing for ya…..

Okay raise your hand if you’ve ever had this thought…..

“If I just had ‘X’ amount of dollars, everything would be fine!”

Is your hand up? Because mine sure as h-e-double hockey sticks is!

There’s this very seductive story we tell ourselves that if we just had a certain amount of money, everything would be okay.

Well…. let me tell ya, before I chose to embark on my own money healing journey, I played that game and it looked something like this…..

I’d get said amount of “everything is going to be okay” money….

….and I was still far from okay

“Okay so that must mean I need MORE money, no problem (okay I wasn’t quite that cavalier about it)!”

I’d make new said amount of “everything is going to be okay” money….

….and guess what…. I was squirming!

“Fine!!! THIS AMOUNT!! Nothing could go possibly wrong at this amount!!”

Annnnnnd…… ya guessed it! Same drama, different numbers! In fact…. more expensive dramas!!

Like the difference between “Patch the nail in the tire” to “Ya need new break pads and rotors” to “your transmission is shot” to “you should just get a new car”

Now stay with me…. I love money…. this isn’t a woes money rant….

The issue wasn’t the money (it never is, darling).

This issue was what the money represented to me and the story I was telling about it!

I had my money in charge of my SAFETY! 

“If I could just have this amount, I was safe!” …as if I was partaking in some modern day world war…. 

 >>> Me…. against every fear I’ve ever had…. my weapon of choice…. Money! <<<

Talk about a little cookoo, eh? But that’s how REAL the BS “money solution” felt to me!

It wasn’t till I learned how to heal the inner part of me that was terrified for her safety, and unhook money’s responsibility from “keeping me safe” that I was able to begin to be free of the paralyzing money fears and the money drama saga. 

So what does money represent to you?

Feel into it….. first gut instinct….. fill in the blanks…..

“If I have more than enough money then ________________”

what came up for you?

Safety? Validation? Accomplishment? Freedom? Lovable? Worthy? Important? Relevant? Included? Connected? Valued? Valuable? Existence? 

From the bright lights just starting out in their biz to the High Powered, High Positioned, High Dollared shining lights I’ve coached…. unanimously I can promise you….. it’s NEVER about the money, honey. 

I can remember a conversation I had with a colleague who wanted advice on how she should approach her coaching differently for her new millionaire client versus her normal clientele which are money newbies.

My answer “exactly the same!”

Silence on the other end for a moment.

“What do you mean, Ash?”

“Does your client have a childhood?”


“Does your client have any unresolved baggage, drama, trauma, crisis, emotional wounds?”


“If you prick your client, do they not bleed?”

*roaring laughter on both ends… I totally made a funny!*

Okay so you get the point! It doesn’t matter how much money you have…. underneath the money is still your humanness, your vulnerability, your past experiences, your childhood story… it’s there. 

 And if you don’t choose to create a better internal story, a better internal world, a happier, more whole, more complete and healthy you then guess what……. 

You’re literally letting your past and your fears dictate your reality. 

And I don’t know about you, honey but NO WAY NO HOW do I want my parents (my growing up story) dictating my future! Just saying…. 

Now I’m relating this to money, because money is juicy! Money gets peoples attention! Annnnnnd healing the money drama happens to be not only a life lesson of mine, but now a passion of mine to empower others with… a Divine Gift for my earlier suffering.  

With that said…. this wisdom works for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!!!! 

Your external reality is just mirroring what’s going on inside!

Shift your inner world, change your reality!

For the first time EVER, I’ve made my, up till now, totally referral based, life coaching and mentorship visible and available. 

What does that mean?

If you’ve been wanting to work with me but you’re not an entrepreneur, or you’re not wanting to focus on your biz but you’re still wanting the radical, lasting, powerful transformations, then I want to chat with you ASAP! You may be a perfect fit for my Miracle Maven Mentorship!

But what if you’re an entrepreneur and you want the money help? No problem, darlin! I still have an opening in my Money Maven Mentorship

Remember, once I start with Unicorn School again, I may not be accepting new mentorship clients. So if you’ve been a spectator up till now get off the bench and get in the game!! (I know, I know! Change can be scary…. but I don’t bite! In fact…. I’m more of a purr-er and I know how to help you grow in a way that won’t feel bad!) 

I look forward to hearing from you!

Create a life you’re excited to wake up for!! (hint…. it starts within)




Leading results based Celebrity Life Coach, Ashley specializes in emotional freedom, inner healing, unconscious and conscious mind transformation, and the internal resources necessary for success. There are solutions to suffering! . Ashley is known for  helping her clients have  radical lasting transformations and move into a state of  thriving, joy centered living, and success. .

“Our reality is often a mirror of what’s inside us, by transforming our inner world we can experience a new outer world.” –Ashley

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