Depression? Anxiety? PTSD? Emotional Suffering Patterns? —> Your Mind Needs Something to Move Towards

Depression? Anxiety? PTSD? Emotional Suffering Patterns? —> Your Mind Needs Something to Move Towards

Depression? Anxiety? PTSD? Emotional Suffering Patterns?

—> Your Mind Needs Something to Move Towards

There’s a mechanism in your mind, that’s too much to go into detail here, but in a nutshell it needs something to move towards.

My Pastor recently shared in reference to spiritual growth that if we’re not growing forward spiritually, we’re actually going backwards in our spiritual growth. Well this is totally similar to how the mind works.

Let’s look at some common mental/emotional diagnosis and this principal/mechanism of the mind (pssst this is totally a generalization for the sake of this post):

Depression patterns:

Depression can be seen as the mind focussing or moving towards things of the past that are painful, things in the present that are painful, or a generalized seeing in the mind blank or darkness (nothing of light the mind is moving towards).

Anxiety patterns:

Habitual anxiety patterning can be seen as the hyper focus of things that create feelings of fear; past, present, or future. Regardless if rational or irrational.

Trauma patterning (PTSD):

This can be seen as being in a pattern of reliving trauma, quite literally feeling stuck in the mind during a season of something traumatic. The mind being focussed on a trauma so intensely that it’s created a looping trauma based pattern.

Again these are generalizations, but you can get an idea of how important it is to be highly directive in the mind and be incredibly deliberate at choosing the stations of the mind, holding thoughts captive, and deliberately creating thoughts and emotional patterns of those that feel good.

Take an inventory of how you run your mind through the day, and you purposely looking towards a brilliant spotlight or are you seeing darkness, null/void/blank, or anything else that doesn’t serve you.

Another note to mention is that a bored mind can be an incredibly toxic mind, I see this with my “empty nesters”, or even my clients who have their earthly needs meet and don’t often experience survival responsibilities (for example going to work).

Give the mind something to do! Purposely put a spotlight in front of you!

The same way we work out our physical body regularly is the same way we have to work out our mind.

Happy light gazing!

Special note: I totally recognize that emotional suffering patterns can be overwhelming and hard to create change on your own, if you need help, reach out. It’s what I do. I have an arsenal of knowledge and protocols that are no match for unnecessary suffering! 😉 XOXO

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