Every Parent Needs to Read This

Every Parent Needs to Read This
Take a moment and look through these photos. Let the wisdom and deep emotion in them wash over you. And as you sense these were taken by a photographer with years of experience who has mastered her craft…. just know, they were taken by an 11 year old.
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I had the absolute pleasure of connecting with my clients’ daughter today. At 11 years old, we explored how God created each and every one of us to be so uniquely different.
We spoke about how none of us were meant to be good at everything. In fact, if we were good at everything – we wouldn’t need each other. We discussed how God created us all uniquely different with special gifts and talents so we could all come together and bless others by sharing our gifts.
Most importantly, we spoke how a standardized test in school can’t test all God given brilliances. And that it’s honorable to care to do well in school, and to study, and do our best and try hard! But to understand that just because our gifts can’t be measured by standard academia, doesn’t mean that we aren’t perfectly created by God.
God spoke strongly into her heart and showed her just how valuable and special she really is today.I so wish this was spoken into me so young, and hope this inspires many to speak this into their children.
Photography credit goes to 11 year old Hannah Rocca, the gorgeous daughter of Mira & Ben Rocca
I have been beyond blessed to serve this family. They hold a big piece of my heart. And I’m forever grateful.

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