Fear that Helps & Fear that Hurts

Fear that Helps & Fear that Hurts

Fear isn’t just feeling afraid, it’s anything that doesn’t feel good- it manifests as anger, worry, anxiety, panic, sadness, and so on. We operate out of two main emotional functions Love or fear. I capitalized “Love” because only Love is real, fear is the ultimate liar.

Oh fear, how you lie…. reminds me of the lyrics from  the song “You Lie” -The Band Perry

“You lie like the man with the slick black hair who sold me that Ford

And you lie like a pine tree in the back yard after last month’s storm

Well you lie like a penny in the parking lot at the grocery store

It just comes way too natural to you

The way you lie”

In fact fear physically in the body was only designed to release certain chemicals that allow us to run faster, jump higher, etc (think of way back when, when we actually hunted our food with handmade tools and actually needed those abilities). To be clear I am still grateful we have these mechanisms, think of all the amazing heroic acts of humans, the woman who lifted the car up to save her child, the firefighter who ran into a burning building to save a family, the policeman who apprehended the suspect, and so on.

We definitely need this function! It’s what superheroes are depicted from (and human heroes such as first responders and so on)!

However, in our modern day society of convenience where we stop by a grocery store for our food, switch on a switch for our electricity, and turn a knob for our water…. there’s really not a lot of places where this flight/fight fear response and release of chemicals is needed in our daily lives.

So what happens when you’re running your mind in emotional fear patterns in this day in age? Anxiety disorders, panic disorders, nervous nellies, worrywarts, stress disorders (that manifest as physical diseases/disorders), even just slight unnecessary discomfort that robs you of fully living in joy.

Fear has a place when it comes to survival. It’s fear that has me look both directions before I cross the street, yes that keeps me safe. However (and the is a big however!!) I am not feeling afraid when I look both ways to cross the street, I just do it out of a knowing, this manifestation of fear is not hurting me one bit, it’s helping me and serving me.

Do you see the difference??

In the work I do, we target the unconscious and conscious patterning that’s creating the habit of fear. Yes, I said habit…. the mind operates through patterns and programs that run that create emotional suffering (mainly completely unconscious, that’s why it can be so maddening or feel hopeless, but again that’s fear lying to ya!). Whether it’s anxiety, panic, depression, trauma oriented, or even not that extreme- just a knowing that you could be happier, that there’s more to life than just working to pay bills.

When you change the unconscious and conscious emotional patterning, you are set free from the suffering.

I’m living proof (as are my clients!)

Don’t settle for emotional suffering, don’t let fear rob you of your joy, you were destined for so much more!

Reach out if you need help. It’s what I do!

But at the very least, choose Love over fear, even if it isn’t the easy option!

(And if ya need help making it easier to change that station, ya know where to find me.)


P.S. another great lyric from “You Lie” -The Band Perry is this….

“Well my daddy’s gonna straighten you out like a piece of wire, like a piece of wire

The way you lie”

Remember, you have a Heavenly Father you can call on to straighten that fear out like a piece of wire, but that’s another conversation 😉

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“Our reality is often a mirror of what’s inside us, by transforming our inner world we can experience a new outer world.” –Ashley