This is Influencing Your Success & Joy

This is Influencing Your Success & Joy

There is a mechanism in your mind that directly affects how you perform in life as well as your success (in any area of your life!). In fact it’s so powerful that many professional athletes utilize this resource for their performance.

Even though this relates to physical performance, it also directly reflects success in any area of your life, whether financial, goal crushing, marital, personal relationships and community, health and weight, you name it, it will affect it.

Many people approach life with a self sabotaging self image and it’s like choosing failure before they’ve even started. Meaning no matter how hard they try…. it feels like nothing changes.

That’s because the inside needs to change. And the unconscious shifts very differently than the conscious mind (my expertise).

In fact when my clients start with me and they give me the low down of their current reality, I can pretty much in an instant decipher this one thing….

….their core identity and self image. In a nutshell, what they believe about themselves and their experience/influence of their life. Many times when a client starts with me, this self image is soiled with lies. In transforming this inner image, their performance in life transforms as well as their experience of life and their reality. Here are some quick examples of some of my clients:

The gentleman who had a hard time keeping a job or being a reliable employee to now being a successful businessman who owns multiple companies.

To a single mom overwhelmed with anxiety and nervousness, to being incredibly successful and confident in her career and home life who now is noted for having a relaxing and peaceful way about her (instead of the nervous and explosive tendencies in her past).

And the woman who believed success was for others but never for herself and found day to day living tiresome and burdensome, to now thriving in her passion and profession and loving life.

To the shy shutdown mom who always felt like an outsider, always felt left out, to now being a leader in her community.

Oh gosh… I could keep going and going and going with these client transformation stories but this is getting long (check my testimonial page for more celebrations!)….

…all of these started with core identities and self images that were based on self sabotaging lies that shaped their reality into more of a nightmare than their dreams. All of them successfully overcame this and became incredibly successful while also healing all those old emotional wounds!

The work I do is interesting that is measurable in inner world (mind and emotions) and outer world (measurable success and shifts in my clients’ realities). This inner healing to outer world approach has successfully helped so many incredible lights from all walks of life and all different backgrounds and experiences!

None of the success stories mentioned above did I know anything about their careers or passions or could I coach on a “how to step by step method to success” (that always end up failing anyways) because I knew nothing about their industries. But what I am an expert in is the mind and how the inner world plays a vital role in success in any area of your life! I work solely on what my expertise is, and the results continue to be awe inspiring.

Am I a jack of all trades? NO WAY! But I am a master of one…. your inner world and how it’s affecting your life.

Here is an initial step I want you to take towards transforming this inner image imposter from one of self sabotage to one of success and thriving!

1) All day every day in the background of our mind we run a movie that narrates us. Think of yourself as a character in the movie of your mind. I want you to really listen to and see the character you’ve allowed your mind to script. Take note of the following….

Have you narrated yourself a victor or a victim?

Have you narrated yourself as capable and competent? Or lacking?

Is your character someone who is bound to be met with resistance? Road blocks? Disappointments? Or do your navigate life relaxed and ready.

Do you expect to succeed? Or fail?

Have you scripture yourself as a failure, or someone who has merely experienced failures in life like everyone else? I am a failure is very different than I’ve experienced failure.

How about traumatic events and trauma, are they your identity or an experience?

What lies have you believed about yourself and who taught you these lies?

Who said you couldn’t do / have / experience your dreams? Are you willing to give them that power?

Are you beautiful?

Have you decided something is wrong with you?

Spend time and take an inventory of the character you’ve scripted for yourself.

Shine a flashlight on the lies. Expose them!

Remember, what has happened to you is not who you are, it’s something you’ve experienced.

2)  Having seen the movie you’ve been playing in your mind and the character you’ve scripted for yourself, is this the movie you want to live out? If not…. it’s time to change the movie, it’s time to rewrite the character, and change this narrative into a joy centered, success achieving, and dream experiencing movie and reality.

If you’ve identified a toxic movie you’ve been playing and you’re ready to rewrite this and experience a better way of life, from disappointment to dreams – reach out to schedule a complimentary consultation. I have limited spots left!

Something you should know is soon I’ll be pausing the ability to have a complimentary consultation with me and won’t be allowing new client sign ups for a bit. More to come on this soon, but I am practicing what I preach y’all, and there’s some really cool things on the horizon moving deeper towards my own dreams and I will be pausing new client sign ups to allow space for this.

After all, I’m all about living your dreams free from emotional suffering and unconscious limits!! And the next step in my dream life is unfolding and I’m pursuing it!

So if you have wanted to work with me, NOW is the time to get on my calendar! Schedule a consultation here:

Do not wait for everything to be perfect to heal and move on your dreams, you’ll always be waiting….
Reach out if you’re serious about stepping out of emotional suffering and stepping into a life you’re excited to wake up for.
Your future self with thank you for the step you took today!

With love and belief in you and your dreams,



Leading results based Celebrity Life Coach, Ashley specializes in emotional freedom, inner healing, unconscious and conscious mind transformation, and the internal resources necessary for success. There are solutions to suffering! . Ashley is known for  helping her clients have  radical lasting transformations and move into a state of  thriving, joy centered living, and success. .

“Our reality is often a mirror of what’s inside us, by transforming our inner world we can experience a new outer world.” –Ashley