I lied to myself for years! A note on aloneness, isolation, loneliness and freedom from it.

I lied to myself for years! A note on aloneness, isolation, loneliness and freedom from it.

Have you ever been in a room full of people only to feel so incredibly alone? Maybe you’re like me in my younger years, able to be charismatic, loving, kind, and engaging while inside believing the lies that you’re all alone in this world.

From a very young age I remember really believing I was completely alone in this world, separate, different, isolated, not understandable and certainly not lovable, and above all of this not safe and surely…. alone.

I remember even being prideful in my aloneness, thinking this person and that person had it made. As if my suffering was rare and the norm was to live really happy, loving lives.

When I went into private practice, I got a rude awakening about how wrong I had been all along.

Y’see the most “put together” people sought me out, people who if I passed on the street I’d judge as having a fantastic life, one by one they sought me out professionally, and one by one they told me their life story.

Oh how wrong I had been!

“Happy childhoods” and “happy lives” seemed to be a rarity.

Now granted this isn’t a great case study to determine any sort of analytics of how many people suffer in life as of course these are all people who reached out for me for help. But what struck me was not one of these people wore their pain on the outside. I would have never known what they were going through or had been through.

On the outside everything looked as great as an “influencer’s Instagram”. But inside, inside it hurt so badly!

Suffering and struggling doesn’t discriminate! I’ve worked with…

Celebrities who were hurting

Top biz executives who were hurting

Wealthy and not wealthy who were hurting

Physically healthy and not healthy who were hurting

Male and female who were hurting

Young and old who were hurting

Single or in love who were hurting 

Surrounded by family and friends or isolated who were hurting

The only common denominator, everyone was hurting!

We live in an era where big business gets paid big bucks for our suffering. No wonder it’s not widely taught how to live in joy, overcome emotional suffering, break through life patterns, and step into pursuing and living your dreams. How to make our day to day lives something we’re excited to live and thrive, instead of just going through the motions just surviving. 

It’s why it’s my mission and my passion to help as many people as I can while I’m here do just that, live free of emotional suffering and embrace a life they’re excited to wake up for!

Don’t believe one of the biggest lies out there, that you’re all alone.

And certainly don’t believe one of the other biggest lies out there, that there’s nothing you can do about it.

I overcame a lifetime of emotional suffering (panic attacks, anxiety, depression, trauma responses, and more). I also overcame life patterns and pursued (and lived many of) my dreams even though others told me it was impossible (still doing it, by the way! Thank you, God!).

And now I help others do the same!

Reach out if you need help! There’s no reason to silently suffer anymore!

If you need help transforming your life from the inside out, reach out!

And at the very least, always remember you are loved beyond your human comprehension by God.

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Leading results based Celebrity Life Coach, Ashley specializes in emotional freedom, inner healing, unconscious and conscious mind transformation, and the internal resources necessary for success. There are solutions to suffering! . Ashley is known for  helping her clients have  radical lasting transformations and move into a state of  thriving, joy centered living, and success. .

“Our reality is often a mirror of what’s inside us, by transforming our inner world we can experience a new outer world.” –Ashley