The Mirrors We Keep in Life

The Mirrors We Keep in Life
It’s so important that we create environments for ourselves where our community holds mirrors that show us our best self.
No, I don’t mean this in an egotistical narcissistic way. Let me explain…
Often I will see that people have allowed others into their lives that hold warped mirrors, like the distorted funny mirrors at the fair when we were kids that we used to think were fun. Some mirrors made us tall, some made us small…. it was fun to see our image warp and change.
Unfortunately it’s common for people to allow this same distorted warping image of themselves through acquaintances, friends, and even loved ones.
We are communal creatures and we all thrive off healthy, loving, inspiring connections.
But have you allowed holders of funny mirrors to infiltrate your community?
For example, one thing I teach my clients in regards to knowing if a romantic partner is right for them, when you’re around them it should feel like they’re holding up a mirror and you’re seeing the best version of yourself, the most beautiful, capable, strong, valuable, loving, truest and authentic self. If when around this person you see a reflection of yourself in the mirror they’re holding up and the reflection of you is someone who needs to be “fixed”, who isn’t good enough, etc – it’s time to evaluate your own internal emotional health as well as the company you keep. (Sometimes it’s the mirror holder and sometimes it’s someone’s own warped image of themselves that they project onto mirrors).
The same goes for our friendships but also the humans we frequent ourselves with the most. If you are part of a community that’s holding up mirrors that have you feeling less than… it’s time to reevaluate how you’re choosing to spend your time and with whom.
Like I mentioned, it can be someone’s own warped image of themselves projected onto the mirrors but it can also be the mirror holder. I have found often when someone is projecting a warped image (for example insecurities, fears, self-criticism, self-esteem issues, traumas, etc) that many times they attract people in their lives that hold up warped mirrors as well. This can be symbiotic in nature.
I know for me when I shifted my internal from suffering to thriving, the most incredible inner circle of amazing friend family manifested that hold up mirrors constantly of me that inspire me!! These people mean the world to me!!
Pay attention to the images of yourself reflected back to you. It can be anything from self esteem to even success! All aspects of yourself… what is your reflection telling you about your own opportunities to grow within and about the company you’ve chosen to keep?
Something to ponder about:
Think of the humans you see the most, talk to the most, interact with the most – what are the mirrors they are holding up of you?
What image of yourself are you projecting onto the mirrors around you?
Are these images the best truest version of yourself?
Hint: the healthiest reflections inspire you and have you celebrating who God created you to be. Growth through inspiration is beautiful!!! Fixing yourself because you’re trying to earn the right to be loved and accepted, fixing yourself because you’ve believed lies about yourself, fixing yourself because you believe you’re not good enough…. Darlin’ that’s the age old smoke and mirrors and you best step away from that lying mirror.
Always remember, you are loved beyond your human comprehension.

Leading results based Celebrity Life Coach, Ashley specializes in emotional freedom, inner healing, unconscious and conscious mind transformation, and the internal resources necessary for success. There are solutions to suffering! . Ashley is known for  helping her clients have  radical lasting transformations and move into a state of  thriving, joy centered living, and success. .

“Our reality is often a mirror of what’s inside us, by transforming our inner world we can experience a new outer world.” –Ashley