Money Took On My Fear

Money Took On My Fear

Dearest Bright Light,

With Valentine’s day approaching, and for so many this brings up some vulnerable things to look at, I wanted to share with you a very personal journey of my own that continues to be the greatest blessing. It’s how I am where I am today in the profession that chose me. 😉

My biggest fear in life (since a teeny tiny tot) has been believing “I’m all alone”. This deep sense that I was separate and separated from others, from the Divine, and from safety and security. I wasn’t really aware of this deep fear until I started to look at my relationship with money and in turn began to heal my relationship with money. I know it would make more sense that I played this fear out in my romantic life or with friends, right? And I’m sure it played some part… however, I’m actually someone who really enjoys her independence, freedom, and “me time”. So interesting enough, it hasn’t been strongly present in my personal life.

But it was very present in my financial reality! The saga would go something like this…. “Oh no, what if I don’t have enough money….” which would quickly spiral into deep panic, deep survival fear of feeling like I was all alone and something very bad was about to happen. The same terror you might feel if someone was holding a gun to your head.

Yup…. It was THAT intense. I’m not exaggerating ….. the idea of not having enough money was utterly terrifying. It somehow meant I wasn’t safe, I wasn’t okay, and something terrifying was about to happen and that there wouldn’t be anyone or anything to help me.

As I’ve shared many times before, money is JUST energy! That’s it… it’s energy. Guess what all my fears and terrors were? Energy…. Guess what happened to my money when I was engaging in this terrifying money story? My money was a struggle. My money took on the life of my fears. 

Think of it like this…. Your beliefs, programs, emotions, etc… so your internal world is the Script …. Money is the actor…. Money is just playing what you scripted out for it internally. 

Here’s what’s amazing about this… rewrite your script and guess what…. change your money reality! 

Need to believe it’s possible for you, too? Check out this bright light’s experience after just one intensive with me working on her internal wealth…

image1“WOW, Ashley is an incredible soul!! I took the Money Maven Intensive with her and that time was jam-packed with all the things that I needed to kickstart my financial freedom. I had been in credit card debt for about a year, never being able to fully pay it off. Ever! It would never get lower than a certain amount (which was still a lot for me) and although my payments on the card exceeded the amount that was left, I was STILL in debt! I could never pay it off! Ashley has helped me shift my wealth consciousness dramatically and given me so many great tools to use in my day to day life that have made me happier, more at peace with myself, and inspired to live the life of my dreams. So after the intensive with her, I decided to teach a class for the first time ever to help bring in some extra cash. Using the tools she taught me, I have filled up over half my class in a short amount of time and it “just so happens” that the income I will receive from the people who have already signed up will COMPLETELY pay off my credit card finally AND leave me with extra spending cash!! THANK YOU, Ashley!!!

Gianina Monroe

Actress, Model, & Life Coach, Gianina Monroe Acting & Modeling

Still have your doubts? Check out another bright light’s experience. Again after only ONE intensive with me.

“Within just two weeks of working on my personal wealth consciousness with Ashley, I landed my absolute ideal job that I had spent months looking for without much success. I was offered $30,000 more than my previous job, along with commissions that will take my salary to a whole new level. I know that without Ashley’s program, I would not have landed this ideal position. With newfound confidence and clarity, the sky is the limit!”



Yes, this is how powerful internal wealth transformation is. 

Need even MORE stories of incredible transformation? Head on over to my testimonials page and show your conscious and unconscious minds that it IS possible to change your money reality!

Money is purely a symptom of what’s going on inside of you. If you’re ready to change the Money Script, then let’s you and I have an authentic loving profound conversation and see if we are a match.

I currently have two ways for you and I to work together.

1. Manifest Money Intensive (click here for more information)

This power packed intensive is geared to give you a jumpstart on your money and get you on your way to healing your relationship with money.

*** Valentine’s day special***

For the first 2 sensitive sweeties ready to shift their money reality…. and yes… I only have 2 openings…. for the first 2 who send me an email to and let me know WHY you want this intensive….. for the first 2 you will receive my normally priced at $1200 Intensive for only $750.

I only have 2 spots open, so make sure to send me an email to This special offer is only good till Monday February 15.

2. Money Maven Mentorship (click here for more information)

Are you wanting consistent, ongoing, loving, “I got your back”, support? Through my three pillars of success: Business Mastery, Self Mastery, & Spiritual Mastery we will powerfully support you into your success and wealth power.

This program is by invitation only. So if this is calling to you, let’s you and I jump on a call together and have a transformative conversation on how to support you best! And yes, I will gift you a Valentine’s day special treat if you mention this email.

To schedule a time to connect, hop on over to my calendar here.

You may also send an email to

I sincerely look forward to connecting with you, supporting you through your transformation, and helping you step into your Divine Birthright of abundance.

So much love to you! Happiest of Valentine’s day! May I suggest you celebrate YOUR love for YOU? 😉 xo


Leading results based Celebrity Life Coach, Ashley specializes in emotional freedom, inner healing, unconscious and conscious mind transformation, and the internal resources necessary for success. There are solutions to suffering! . Ashley is known for  helping her clients have  radical lasting transformations and move into a state of  thriving, joy centered living, and success. .

“Our reality is often a mirror of what’s inside us, by transforming our inner world we can experience a new outer world.” –Ashley

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