Why New Years Resolutions Don’t Work ….. say whaaaat?!?!

You’re probably thinking, “Hey Ash, uhhhh…. that’s a pretty bold statement, you’re one ballsy chick……” Okay just kidding, don’t call me a “ballsy chick” 😉 Jokes aside, Why don’t New Years Resolutions work? Why do most people come February begin to slide back to their... read more

Miracle Time!

Client miracle time! What working with me can do for you! Sometimes we need a little push from other’s success stories to really be ready to say “Yes!” to ourselves, our dreams, and desires. I hope these inspire you to know what’s possible!... read more

My Work Allowed My Dream to Come True

I choose to live life with God as my source for all, my true father/mother, and the greatest and only power I pray and surrender to. I am constantly amazed at the power of the work I do combined with God. I always say that God can perform a miracle no matter what, but... read more

The Kardashian Panic Attack Insanity

As a fun little wealth consciousness exercise, my friend and I decided to watch a few episodes of the Kardashians. “Life is images of the mind expressed” -Gikandi, Happy Pocket Full of Money. We wanted to “try on” a lifestyle even more monetarily successful than ours... read more

How a Nearly $100,000 Horse Ended Up at an Auction Site

How a nearly $100,000 horse ended up at an auction site!! Here it is, his rescue day and lots of great information for you. If you can, please watch the whole thing!! Share, comment, like, let’s bring awareness!!! If this can happen to him, just imagine... read more

My Personal Success Formula & More (Video)

In this video I reveal: 1⃣ My personal success formula. 2⃣ A ridiculous business practice that often I say no to even though many times I’m way OVER qualified to be apart of it. 3⃣ The common misconception of “divine feminine business” that’s going around... read more

The Sickness Solution

I came down with the flu….. Yep….. ya heard me….. that nasty, humbling, “please make it stop!!!!” flu!!! It started Thursday night and it’s Sunday as I write this and I’m still in bed. I’ve had to reschedule all my Monday appointments …. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I LOVE my... read more

The Power of Overflow

There is an ancient Kabbalist belief that you are the most magnetic to great when your “cup runneth over” internally (and energetically). So what do I mean? A dear friend and chosen family member of mine, Dr. Forman, loves to use the example of when we first fall in... read more

My Story (Video Interview)

Hello Gorgeous Light, I get asked a lot about my past and how I got to where I am today. This interview by the fabulous Deanna Stull​ shares my personal journey from massive pain to massive joy and success and how I did it. I hope it inspires you to say... read more

Why we Get Stuck & the Way Through Limitation

Hello Dear Darling, How are you feeling? Many felt deeply overwhelmed much of September. Amazing how planetary energies have such profound effects on us. However I believe it’s truly just an opportunity to grow and expand our Success. A common theme I have seen... read more

Energy Heads Up (& “Half Time” help)

Hey Gorgeous Light! wowzers….. mercury retrograde…. I feel you, baby! How about you, are ya feeling it? Communication conundrums? Tunnel vision hopeless feelings? Looming negativity? Electronical mishap induced migraines? I’ve noticed many peeps... read more