Manifest While You Sleep!

  Hello Gorgeous Light! I have a magical sharing for you today…. Manifesting Sleep Secrets Revealed!  “They say if you dream a thing more than once, it’s sure to come true.”  As you get sleepy at night, before you drift off to sleep... read more

Crazy energies are here!

Hey Gorgeous Light,   There have been some crazy energies around and there are more about to hit. Does that mean you need to be in any sort of fear or dread of this? Absolutely not, this message is to remind you of the power you hold inside.    It’s easy when learning... read more

Video: Pain/Pleasure Coding

Hey y’all! I got a question from someone who listened to my recent interview on Hillary Schneider’s podcast Women Who Run with Horses asking for me to clarify and elaborate how to create success and manifest with the Pain/Pleasure mechanism of the unconscious mind. So... read more

Podcast: Women Who Run With Horses

Hey Gorgeous Light! I am so excited!!!! The wonderful Hillary Schneider, a fellow horse lover, released the interview she did with me for her podcast Women Who Run with Horses!! I’m so excited to share it with you all. It explains my journey from extreme emotional... read more

Success Tip: Where is your energy going?

Success Tip: Where is your energy going? 🌸 If you’re already living a conscious life, you know that wherever you put your energy is what is magnified and created in your life. For example, if you worry about debt – you will surely see more of it. But did... read more

That Time I Tried To Kill Myself

Something you may not know about me…. I used to suffer from major depression and anxiety. I tried to kill myself in my younger years, unsuccessfully thank you God. After struggling with a lifetime of emotional suffering and full blown panic attacks, I couldn’t bear... read more

Why New Years Resolutions Don’t Work ….. say whaaaat?!?!

You’re probably thinking, “Hey Ash, uhhhh…. that’s a pretty bold statement, you’re one ballsy chick……” Okay just kidding, don’t call me a “ballsy chick” 😉 Jokes aside, Why don’t New Years Resolutions work? Why do most people come February begin to slide back to their... read more

Miracle Time!

Client miracle time! What working with me can do for you! Sometimes we need a little push from other’s success stories to really be ready to say “Yes!” to ourselves, our dreams, and desires. I hope these inspire you to know what’s possible!... read more

My Work Allowed My Dream to Come True

I choose to live life with God as my source for all, my true father/mother, and the greatest and only power I pray and surrender to. I am constantly amazed at the power of the work I do combined with God. I always say that God can perform a miracle no matter what, but... read more

The Kardashian Panic Attack Insanity

As a fun little wealth consciousness exercise, my friend and I decided to watch a few episodes of the Kardashians. “Life is images of the mind expressed” -Gikandi, Happy Pocket Full of Money. We wanted to “try on” a lifestyle even more monetarily successful than ours... read more

How a Nearly $100,000 Horse Ended Up at an Auction Site

How a nearly $100,000 horse ended up at an auction site!! Here it is, his rescue day and lots of great information for you. If you can, please watch the whole thing!! Share, comment, like, let’s bring awareness!!! If this can happen to him, just imagine... read more