Lies of Our Body

This is such a powerful image. My mother when I was just a child used to tell my friends and even my cousin once (that I know of) that I had a potbelly and made fun of my body to them. She’d say it behind my back and inevitably they’d come tell me what she said about... read more

The Emotion Conundrum Debunk (CD)

All emotional “disorders” such as anxiety and depression are merely unconscious emotional patterns that are running. Our unconscious runs these patterns on loop. Remember CD players? How you could press the button and have a single song or an entire album looping?... read more

Life Patterns (thanks to the unconscious mind)

Your unconscious mind creates what it already knows. This is why so many people get so stuck in life, and seem to be on a hamster wheel of habitual patterns manifesting in their lives. Life can be seen as the unconscious mind expressing it’s patterns in the physical... read more

3 Truths & 1 Lie

3 Truths & 1 Lie (can you guess?): ☀️ 1. In my younger years I was put on 11 psychiatric medications in hopes to “manage” the symptoms of severe anxiety, panic, depression, ptsd and more (that I had been suffering from since a wee child). Despite living out all my... read more

Queen Rayna Storm Tiger Stripes Wisdom

📯Morning musings brought to you by 👑🐯Queen Rayna Storm Tiger Stripes (the first): 🐾 “To all my my subjects, the human kind, hear ye, hear ye! I have an important message for you that could change your life if you allow it to. 🐾 You are not what happened to you! Hear... read more

Celebrating! Can you believe these wins?

Today was the best!!! BOTH of my horses worked beautifully and were so well behaved in the “scary” arena (ie “I see donkey killers” arena). Wow!!! I am so proud of both of them!!! Days like today I feel like they’re saying to me “don’t worry kid, you still got... read more

Fear that Helps & Fear that Hurts

Fear isn’t just feeling afraid, it’s anything that doesn’t feel good- it manifests as anger, worry, anxiety, panic, sadness, and so on. We operate out of two main emotional functions Love or fear. I capitalized “Love” because only Love is real, fear is the ultimate... read more

When Suffering Gets in the Way of Your Blessings

I’ve wrestled in my life with belief and unbelief in God. I should clarify that there’s always been a part of me that had an unexplainable knowing of God, however in my younger years I felt like maybe He’d forgotten about me. Or for some reason His goodness and glory... read more

Her Prosperity Miracle, A Change in Perception

Happy Monday Y’all! Here is some miracle inspiration to get your week started off right! One of my clients recently experienced a prosperity miracle in just a few short hours after our session together by following this simple reframe, a change in perception and... read more

Making Friends with the Unknown & Uncertainty

Oh how we as humans love to have everything planned out and everything figured out, the only problem is much of life actually happens from the unknown and uncertainty. Check this audio out if you’d rather embrace the unknown instead of fear it… (hint:... read more

Breaking the chains of grief

Hello beautiful light, In this audio I share insight on how to break the cycle of grief. In these audios I share wisdom on things you can put into practice yourself, of course if this is something you’re struggling with and would like support with deeper work, please... read more

Emotional Hygiene & Joy

Emotional hygiene: Probably most of us don’t put much thought or effort into making sure we brush our teeth, shower regularly, or put on deodorant, etc. It’s just something we’ve chosen to do because the consequences of stinking are non-negotiable.... read more