Roller Coaster Your Fear

We’ve all dealt with pesky fears from time to time, check this super quick video out for a fun way to shift fear around! Roller Coaster Your Fears, baby!   Click to schedule... read more

Living the Impossible Life

I live a life I was told was impossible. This is a glimpse into my story of living an impossible life – from completely overcoming severe mental disorders and to living my dreams when I was told I couldn’t (time and time again). My story starts off as a... read more

Stop Looping Thoughts #4: elephant ears & Pinocchio noses

Hi Y’all! Here is video #4 in this short video series about how to stop looping thoughts. Today we learn about the power of elephant ears and Pinocchio noses …. say what?! Watch the video! And as always, if you’re ready to end the cycles of unnecessary suffering... read more

Stop Looping Thoughts #3: funny factor

Hi Y’all! Here is video #3 in this short video series about how to stop looping thoughts. Today is all about bringing the funny factor to break that loop! And as always, if you’re ready to end the cycles of unnecessary suffering and toxic life patterns, and are ready... read more

Stop Looping Thoughts #2: forget about it coding

Hi y’all! Continuing with this video series about stopping looping thoughts, today’s video is all about what you ate seven weeks ago for lunch on a Wednesday and how you can use this mental coding to your benefit. …… say what?!?! Nope, I haven’t lost my... read more

Stop Looping Thoughts #1: answer this question

Hi y’all! We’ve all dealt with looping thoughts before, it can feel maddening when trapped in a cycle of looping thoughts. However you do have power to end the toxic cycle. In this video series I’ll be giving you some tools and tips about what you can do when... read more

Emotion Knife Trick …say what?!

Hi gorgeous light! Here is another success tip for ya, the not so popular but oh so powerful Emotional State Knife Trick! Enjoy! (scroll down to view video) Be free of unnecessary suffering and fall in love with living. Click here to schedule a... read more

Don’t do this if you want change!

Success Tip: *Don’t* do this if you want change. Instead *Do* this  😉 See what I did there? (It’ll make sense when you watch the video below) Ready for radical transformation? Click here to schedule a... read more

Wildest Dreams Tamed

“God has a way of making our wildest dreams seem tame” -Mark Batterson, The Circle Maker ☀️ Looking back at all the dreams I’ve lived (even when this world told me it was impossible) two things stand out as common denominators… ☀️ 1️⃣: Believing in a God bigger... read more

“Watch me!”

I remember telling a teacher of mine way back when my “dream schedule” with complete conviction of it happening. I had told her I wanted to see clients a few days per week, half days and have the rest of the time to pursue my own growth and learning, time to play and... read more

Emotion Echo Effect: use this to feel better

Did you know your emotions have an echo effect? Use this simple understanding to start strengthening your mind and “feel good muscles!” Yes, joy can be your natural state! (scroll down to see video!) Ready to stop suffering? Want joy to be your normal state? Click... read more

Are You Hiding, like Aquinoh and I did?

Aquinoh and I, we are very similar. ☀️ This picture means so much to me. Aquinoh is learning to trust humans again. He had shut down before I got him. Someone did something to him. He was a good boy, nervous, and sometimes just completely blank with no personality as... read more

The Mirrors We Keep in Life

It’s so important that we create environments for ourselves where our community holds mirrors that show us our best self.   No, I don’t mean this in an egotistical narcissistic way. Let me explain…   Often I will see that people have allowed others into their lives... read more