“Watch me!”

I remember telling a teacher of mine way back when my “dream schedule” with complete conviction of it happening. I had told her I wanted to see clients a few days per week, half days and have the rest of the time to pursue my own growth and learning, time to play and... read more

Emotion Echo Effect: use this to feel better

Did you know your emotions have an echo effect? Use this simple understanding to start strengthening your mind and “feel good muscles!” Yes, joy can be your natural state! (scroll down to see video!) Ready to stop suffering? Want joy to be your normal state? Click... read more

Are You Hiding, like Aquinoh and I did?

Aquinoh and I, we are very similar. ☀️ This picture means so much to me. Aquinoh is learning to trust humans again. He had shut down before I got him. Someone did something to him. He was a good boy, nervous, and sometimes just completely blank with no personality as... read more

The Mirrors We Keep in Life

It’s so important that we create environments for ourselves where our community holds mirrors that show us our best self.   No, I don’t mean this in an egotistical narcissistic way. Let me explain…   Often I will see that people have allowed others into their lives... read more

Childhood Secret Revealed!

Oh yes… I used to do this… and what a lesson early on to be mindful of your thoughts/feelings… Don’t discredit how powerful your mind is at creating your external reality (even your health!) Check this video out where I admit a childhood secret... read more

Ask Ash: “Working Miracles” & Aquinoh update!

In this video I dive into someone’s question about receiving miracles and working miracles! Head on over to my other blog post if you didn’t hear yet what had happened to Aquinoh and the miracles that ended up happening. Click here to read what happened! Ask Ash:... read more

Today’s Miracle, Prayer Works!

Aquinoh had a freak accident early this morning. There was a strong fear that he could have broken his leg or pelvis. Don’t ever discount the power of prayer, I prayed with authority that God send His angels to help him. A few minutes later I got a call that he was up... read more

Success Tip: Create Success with these Questions

Hi Y’all! Here’s another Success Tip! Override negative unconscious beliefs and create success with this Success Tip! Psssst, enjoy my horses shenanigans in the background!   Ever felt like your outward efforts have little results? Have trouble achieving success in an... read more

6 Reasons You’re Stuck in Life

“Life is images of the mind expressed” Well more precisely, images/beliefs/patterns/programs of the unconscious mind but the unconscious mind does not behave the same way as your conscious mind (the thinking mind). Here are some ways the unconscious mind... read more