Queen Rayna Storm Tiger Stripes Wisdom

Queen Rayna Storm Tiger Stripes Wisdom

📯Morning musings brought to you by
👑🐯Queen Rayna Storm Tiger Stripes (the first):
“To all my my subjects, the human kind, hear ye, hear ye! I have an important message for you that could change your life if you allow it to.
You are not what happened to you!
Hear me again, you are not what happened to you!!
I was found starving and injured, you could see my bones popping out, I was so skinny and my leg didn’t work right and had a large open wound and my bones were infected (that’s why my leg was amputated). I haven’t told anyone exactly what happened to me, but most humans assume I was dumped and abandoned and hit by a car. The doctor told my mom that the wound was old, and even though I was just a puppy (even though I looked grown up), I probably had hurt my leg a long time ago.
You can draw the conclusion quite easily that my first few months of life were not good. And I have every right to live my life bitter, angry at my mistreatment, and weary of life and it’s inhabitants.
Yes, it would be understandable for me to hate this life because of what happened to me, hate humans for failing me, blame God for the terrible hands I was in, maybe even blame myself for the mistakes I’ve made (thinking that was the reason for my suffering), and continue to drag these chains with me through life.
Surely you all would be sympathetic to my emotional torment and inability to enjoy life.
But I want to let you in on a little secret that has allowed me to live the life of my dreams, I chose never to be a victim of my circumstances, I chose never to blame God for my mistreatment (I know it hurt Him too, He loves me sooooo much, He created me! And He righted the wrongs of my past for me), I chose not to see life through a lens of expectation of suffering, instead I put on a lens of childlike wonder in joyful hopeful expectation of what life has to offer me and all the blessings I get to experience. I choose to live in the present (my painful past is only alive in the present if I live there in my mind).
Now this choice wasn’t always so easy for me but my hoomommy Ash helped me. Y’see I used to be afraid to be separated from her. I was afraid she was going to abandon me. I even tried to jump through a glass window to get to her. But she was patient with me and taught me how to trust again. And once I worked through this, I NEVER allowed myself to bring the past pains into my current life ever again. I am free!! And that’s a choice I made in my mind!!
No way am I replaying the suffering days!!! I have way too much joyful living to do and amazing life to experience!!
I see a lot of you humans making the mistake of dragging the chains of suffering with you and keeping your past pains alive in your mind.
Listen, I understand!! I was abandoned, starving, injured, even my leg was cut off! But do you know what?? My hoomommy says I’m the “happiest girl in the whole USA” (and sings that song to me a lot) and it’s true!!!
I am sooooooooo happy!!!!!!
I don’t let my past steal my joy.
And neither should you!!!!!
There’s a beautiful life for you to live. You’re here for a purpose and it’s not to survive and pay bills, it’s way bigger than that!! And more fun, and awesome, and wonderful.
From rags to riches, I hope my story inspires you to lay down the baggage of your past and give yourself the gift of walking free and living in joy.
Reach out to my hoomommy if you need help. This is what she does as her profession and it’s one of her greatest passions and joys (besides me of course!). Her methods really work!!
Enjoy my rags to riches photo gallery (and the captions I put on the photos!). But remember, don’t feel sorry for me (when you see my suffering pictures at the end)!!! Because I don’t feel sorry for me!!!! I don’t live in the past!!! I’m living my happily ever after NOW!!!! And you can tooooooo!!!!!!
Love your royal highness,

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My story in pictures:

This is my bed in my castle! I let my hoomommy sleep here too.1

This is my hoomommy! She kisses a little too much….

Sometimes I’m a unicorn because I’m miraculous!3

I told you she kisses a lot….4

I go on lots of adventures now.5

And I enjoy meeting my subjects while I’m out6

She’s not the only one that kisses….7

Hahahaha!!!! I’m so funny!!!!8

We stretch together9

I make her throw the ball a million times a day. It’s good for hoomommy to stay active10

I’m healthy and strong and quite stunning11

When hoomommy was trying to save my leg, but I told her it was okay! I didn’t need it!12

Pictures from when I was found as a really hungry injured stray.131415


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