Stuck trying to get over pain?

Stuck trying to get over pain?

Hi Gorgeous Light!

After just one month working with one of my clients, she chose to cease her work with another therapist because…. get this….. she no longer felt like she had trauma to work through!! How amazing is THAT!!!! She’s been going after healing these trauma issues for many years!!

But after just one month together, her internal orientation went from “healing trauma” and “getting out of pain” into ready to move on her dreams and already having creative ideas and inspired actions to pursue them! She’s still allowing the big vision to come together, one that will be a reflection of the new loving and kind way she’s showing up for herself, but she’s had some brilliant immediate ideas and is getting things moving! Woohoo!! You know who you are, and I am celebrating you girl!!! Keep on going!! Woot!

Now mind you, I never coach my clients to leave other therapies or modalities. I focus strictly on my own work with my clients. However, this happens ALL the time!! Countless people have come to me and no longer then needed the assistance of others to help move through emotional suffering.

Clients will often come to me with a whole team of professionals trying to get over suffering such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and so on, and after just a few short weeks will completely on their own choose they no longer need all these other therapies anymore.

Why? Because the work I do is powerful and targets the unconscious mind (not just the conscious thinking mind). In my neuroplasticity approach, the focus is on building new resources to help people over suffering and into their dreams and desires.

So many people are hyper focussed on neutralizing pain which leads them on a hamster wheel of just trying to get rid of the pain. My approach allows a true transformation from the pain and identity associated with the trauma, and helps my clients not only be free of the emotional suffering, but actually get on with their lives and get to their dreams.

Working with me has direction, and what direction are we going?? Where your dreams (and God!) lead us.

If you’re ready to stop trying to get over pain and start getting to your dreams. Reach out! It’s what I do!!

Something you should know is soon I’ll be pausing the ability to have a complimentary consultation with me and won’t be allowing new client sign ups for a bit. More to come on this soon, but I am practicing what I preach y’all, and there’s some really cool things on the horizon moving deeper towards my own dreams and I will be pausing new client sign ups to allow space for this.

So if you have wanted to work with me, NOW is the time to get on my calendar!

I’m so excited to support you!

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Leading results based Celebrity Life Coach, Ashley specializes in emotional freedom, inner healing, unconscious and conscious mind transformation, and the internal resources necessary for success. There are solutions to suffering! . Ashley is known for  helping her clients have  radical lasting transformations and move into a state of  thriving, joy centered living, and success. .

“Our reality is often a mirror of what’s inside us, by transforming our inner world we can experience a new outer world.” –Ashley