When Suffering Gets in the Way of Your Blessings

When Suffering Gets in the Way of Your Blessings

I’ve wrestled in my life with belief and unbelief in God. I should clarify that there’s always been a part of me that had an unexplainable knowing of God, however in my younger years I felt like maybe He’d forgotten about me. Or for some reason His goodness and glory was available to other believers, but alas not me.

As a very young child, I developed deep-seated unconscious beliefs and emotional patterns that included “I’m alone, totally on my own in this life, in danger and not safe, unloved, broken, not savable” and frankly “humans stink” to name just a few. This toxic programming was installed deep in my unconscious and buried underneath manifestations of all sorts of emotional suffering patterns such as anxiety, panic, depression, suicidal wishes, PTSD, and many many more pathologies and diagnosis as well as physical health issues. And just a whole lot of drama living and suffering.

It’s hard to really know our Heavenly Father and His Goodness and allow Him to provide for us when we haven’t experienced a parental figure who was capable of meeting our emotional, growing up needs. I’ve found that so many people model their relationship with God after their relationship with their own parent which is so incredibly limiting and hindering. We humans are flawed, we make mistakes, we hurt people sometimes even if unintentionally, but our God? No way, He’s perfect love beyond human love and limitations.

But when we’re holding an internal unconscious frame of “parents = pain”, when we are seeing our God through the lens of what an imperfect parent is like, how can we ever expect to be able to fully trust and surrender to our perfect Heavenly Father and let him provide for us, guide us, restore us, heal us, and love us? We’ve already decided unconsciously that He’s flawed.

I find with my clients, even those who come in with athiest beliefs and are absolutely certain there is no God, unanimously when they’re out of their pain and suffering they start telling me there is no doubt that of course there’s a God. And mind you, I am working directly with their emotional suffering and unconscious limits, and absolutely not trying to push them into spiritual beliefs.

>>>Side Note, what I don’t do: My career as a Psychoneurologist is not to make people believers. Although I am very transparent with my clients and share my love of God, I do not try and make anyone believe. In fact I respect everyone’s free will to believe what they choose to.

>>>What I do do: In my profession I help people get out of suffering and get into joy filled living, get out of scarcity, lack and limitations, and get into success and abundance. I help people overcome their limits, struggles, and suffering from the inside out working directly with the unconscious and conscious minds, and nervous system (the internal world).

The mind is a powerful weapon of self harm, or an amazing liberating powerful ally to a beautiful life.

It’s so common that I get to witness that once people are out of their suffering, they experience God in brilliant ways. Why? I believe it’s because they’re no longer seeing and experiencing life through clouded lenses of fear and lies. They put on new clear lenses and can see what was hidden from sight before, His goodness, His miracles, and His blessings. You have no idea how incredible this is to witness.

God is the greatest relationship we can ever have. It’s not just about our salvation (although wow! Thank you God!), but it’s so much more as well. We get to experience His kingdom here while in the flesh.

“your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Matthew 6:10

Please don’t waste this precious life in pain and suffering.

I know things have happened to you that are not okay.

I know that you’ve suffered injustices in your life.

I know humans have hurt you.

But God hasn’t.

Humans made errors, God never fails.

You are God’s child and He loves you beyond your human comprehension.

I pray that you believe in your experience of the kingdom on Earth.

And that you get to experience God’s unfailing perfect love.

It’s important to remember that we have total free will while we’re here. So it’s important we lean into God, build our relationship with Him, actively pursue Him and include Him in our lives, while doing our human part.

God can provide a miracle no matter what! He can do anything!

But if I’m constantly running my mind in toxic ways, and emotional suffering loops, I don’t feel I’m truly doing my human part to walk with God. So I take full responsibility for my internal world always. And I really believe that’s why myself and my clients have such amazing break throughs, because we exercise our free will in a way that serves us (and God).

It’s a myth that you have to silently suffer and can’t over come emotional suffering, I heard that my entire childhood and young adulthood – that I had to just “manage” my symptoms (and take a cocktail of 11 psychoactive meds daily), that I’d never be free of emotional suffering such as anxiety and depression. What toxic bull manure!!!!

(Just in case you’re new to my journey, I’m not on any psychoactive meds and totally overcame anxiety, panic, depression, and more. To the point that I saw my old childhood therapist a couple years ago, and he couldn’t believe who I am today and asked me to share with him how I did it! Hah! He didn’t believe it was possible!)

You think the All Mighty would settle for his children to be riddled with unnecessary emotional suffering? No way….

Don’t believe the lies. I’m living proof you can be free.

If you need help, please reach out.

It’s what I do. And what I believe it’s what God created me to do. My growing up experience was not in vain, I help people step out of their self imposed prisons of emotional suffering, and lack and limitations and step into emotional freedom, joy filled living, and abundance. And as a bonus, I’ve got to witness many “spiritual orphans” fall completely in love with their Heavenly Father.

May you know how much you’re loved.

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Leading results based Psychoneurologist and Celebrity Life Coach, Ashley specializes in emotional health and wellness, unconscious and conscious mind transformation, and the internal resources necessary for success and of course, how to create a life you're excited to wake up for.. Ashley is known for helping her clients have radical lasting transformations and move into a state of abundance, thriving, and joy centered living.

“Our reality is often a mirror of what’s inside us, by transforming our inner world we can experience a new outer world.” –Ashley

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