Today’s Miracle, Prayer Works!

Today’s Miracle, Prayer Works!

Aquinoh had a freak accident early this morning. There was a strong fear that he could have broken his leg or pelvis. Don’t ever discount the power of prayer, I prayed with authority that God send His angels to help him. A few minutes later I got a call that he was up and had gotten himself free (after not having been able to get his footing, sliding out like doing the splits, and a leg weaved in and out of railings). God got him free with only surface wounds and some swelling on his back left and some strain in his hips/pelvis area. Pain meds and monitoring at this point. Any prayers in agreement with me for a full recovery, even better than before – are so appreciated! Fully healed and restored hind end, amen!!!

It would have been easy to go into panic mode driving up not knowing his fate- the call I got stated “get up here NOW!!! We can’t get him free and he may break his leg!!!”, but I’m grateful I remembered to pray boldly. I share this in hopes it inspires you to pray, and ask heaven to invade earth! You have that authority as God’s child!

This is how I prayed. First thanksgiving and gratitude (which is hard when you’re in crisis. I basically said you are amazing God, you are the God of miracles and wonders, I’m so grateful for you), then I asked God to open the heavens and bring heaven’s miracles and angels down to assist Aquinoh. I literally shouted it. And then I thanked Him. Then a few minutes later I got a call that Aquinoh got himself free, really I know it was God.

Thank you God for helping Aquinoh and for all you do. I’m so grateful you chose me to be his human.


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