What God has shown me….

What God has shown me….

I have had some of the most incredible experiences with God in the last year- one of the most bizarre was being shook in my bathtub a few nights ago-hah! (read on!), I had thought these experiences were just meant for me, until I had another powerful encounter with God and I realized He’s been speaking all year to me about this time and a common message He’d like me to share! Finally all the puzzle pieces fit and I feel I’m meant to share this with you. So here goes! I hope it brings you insight, wisdom, comfort, truth, blessings and increase! But above all, I hope it draws you closer to God as you come out of agreement with fear and into agreement with God.

I’ve also included some incredible miracles that have happened during this time to inspire you of what God is capable of and fan the flame of hope!!!

I believe God started speaking to me about these times about one year ago. He visited me in the middle of the night, and I shook so hard- literally physically shook. So much took place that night God showed up in my room! Too much to share now but one thing He said to me that I believe I’m meant to share is “You will be a slave to nothing, not even fear!!”

I usually have very warm, loving, cozy encounters with God. This was incredibly loving but let me tell you, I finally understood what the “fear of God” was. The power that emanated from Him as He spoke, I was so grateful I was His child and under His protection and authority! 

I had a few more encounters with God all addressing the need to come out of agreement with fear and come into agreement with His Truth.

Then 1-2 months ago during prayer time, I had a vision of being taken down into a room below this world, as if “behind the scenes”. I walked down a wet road and cobblestone stairs (which I believe is prophetically important because in Los Angeles we have had a LOT of rain right as all this info of COVID 19 hit and when I had this encounter, Los Angeles was dry) and there were all these rooms that private meetings we’re being held. I saw Jesus at one of the rooms and He opened a sliding door to a room for us to meet in. I walked down into the room, and I fell to the floor at His feet, He picked me up and stood me next to Him as if saying “Partner with me”. In the room He had plans drawn open, much like architectural blueprints, like a scroll that was open. I wasn’t concerned with His plans, He had that under control, but what He did say to me is “This world is not for you to fear, it is for you to love”. Love was being used as a verb as to spread love, give love, live love, be love, stand in His love in a supernatural way. There was great joy tied to this verb of love! And I had amazing gratitude I got to be here on Earth as this time.

Throughout the year He’s been giving me another vision often, I’m standing with Him on a green grassy hill, as if there was just a lot of rain and everything was in bloom- green and lush. As I’m looking over the hill with Him, I see the world divided…. on one side is darkness, evil, false powers being exposed, and it feels like war. But on the other side is absolute beauty, a gorgeous Kingdom full of peace, prosperity, blessings, harvest, and joy!!

Each time I visit this hill with Him, the darkness portion is shrinking and the Kingdom portion is spreading.

His message to me was always similar, suit up and fight the evil with Him by bringing the light to dark places. He would have me put the armor on of Ephesians 6 and equip me with a Sword of the Word and off I’d go into the battle zone with a peace knowing the war had already been won and although I’m the one showing up, suited up, ready for battle- He was actually the one fighting. 

During these visions, I always had an understanding that Good was prevailing, and never feared the darkness because at anytime I just looked to the side and I saw how real God’s Kingdom was and at anytime I could step into it, after all- that’s actually where I lived.

It was like the dark parts were for me to go serve in and help people in, help pull people out of, but it was never my reality because I wasn’t in agreement with the fear and hence evil, I was in agreement with God and His Truth.

Then a few nights ago, I was in the tub, dunked my head under the water and my whole bath tub began to shake side to side, so strongly that water came out from the sides. (Yes, this really happened, this wasn’t a vision). I sat up convinced we had just had a strong earthquake, but nope. I searched the internet and no earthquake in Los Angeles.

I went to sleep puzzled that night but God woke me up only after a few hours at 4am to spend time with Him. Through a series of serendipitous events that only God could orchestrate at 4am, I was led to both scriptures and leaders in the supernatural/prophetic ministries sharing that God is shaking the world for our ultimate good.

There are so many more experiences but I realize this is becoming long….

Bottom line: God has a plan. God is good and He is faithful, He is FOR us and not against us. But we NEED to come out of agreement with fear (you can still be responsible without being in fear). Fear gives the enemy access and authority, fear has you submitting to the wrong power, the false power. Shut that door!! Come into agreement with God and His Truth. God has a glorious plan and He needs us to partner with Him and only submit to Him as the true power.

Try this prayer on:

“God I come out of agreement with fear and the lies of fear _______ (name your fears specifically, ask God to highlight them for you), and I ask you to close the doors to fear and evil. I come into agreement with your Truth God. I announce that…. (state truths of God, for example: I announce that God you are for me and never against me. You are the one true power! You are my protector. You are my provider. You love me and are taking care of me, You know my needs before I do. You are bigger and more powerful than anything in this world.).

And remember, God can use everything for good and that’s exactly what He’s doing- partner with the winning team!.

Remember that faith is a participation sport, it’s active…. ask, seek, knock…. be proactive in your pursuit of God. The same way you show up to a new relationship and have to spend time with someone to really get to know them, to deepen the trust and strengthen the relationship is the same way we are meant to pursue God. And in His presence, amazing things happen!

If you step past the fear barrier, God is waiting there for you, each and every one of you!!! And my oh my have my encounters with God been so profound during this time!! But even I have had to push past that lying fear barrier at times. Keep going and ask God to help you shatter it!

I believe I’ve been shown a great harvest and revival happening for those who are pursuing intimacy with God. He’s shaking the world for our good. Trust Him.

You are loved beyond your human comprehension!!

God is more powerful than anything in this world!

There is a harvest coming, what are you planting?? Sowing seeds of fear and worry? Which will produce bad fruit? Or are you sowing good seeds? 😉

Now for some miracles to inspire you….

  • A gentleman I support initially went into fear about how he was going to provide for his family while his business is on pause right now. Well he just landed the biggest account he’s ever had in the history of his business, and the client paid some up front to help support him during this time until he can start work. What he received is enough for him and his family to live off for quite some time!
  • Other clients of mine have reported a deeper connection with their family, with the daily distractions of running around gone, they’ve been able to really reconnect and prioritize what is important and what they want to let go of and what they want to continue moving forward.
  • So many of my clients have reported joyful experiences during this time and are amazed that they have not been in fear like so many, and that even with all this shaking and change, they aren’t dealing with increased stress like most and instead are reporting some beautiful blessings!
  • One client of mine had some big wins in her biz and during this time where so many are in financial fear, she actually paid off debts yesterday with her extra blessings!
  • I’ve seen some really cool physical healings! Including a man’s knee healed, a woman’s hearing improved, and many have reported a lightness restored where there once was a heaviness. But one of my favorites is a woman who was pretty much told to prepare she had cancer, have all biopsies come back cancer free!! God is incredible!
  • I’ve seen deliverance and miracles, captives being set free – spiritual warfare being defeated. I could go on and on!
  • Different spiritual communities I’m a part of have had a massive INCREASE in patrons and connections. Once again proving God’s plan is in process as more people step free from the bondage and chains of the earthly reality and step into God’s freedom.
  • One challenge I’ve had is being able to get groceries from the market. It seems the prime time to go is in the morning? Well my mornings have been full! And sometimes I’m serving or working till late at night! So getting food has been challenging. But God knew I needed food, and so to my surprise- a dear friend showed up with a box of home cooked meals for me!!
  • Oh and let’s not forget So Cal, gas prices are down! 😉

Now I know there are some people who might read this and believe I’m somehow trying to minimize what has gone on, absolutely not!! God has asked me to partner with Him and spread light to help others let go of darkness, and that is what I will do. I will continue to be a voice of hope and a light to stop the spread of evil and fear. 

God doesn’t ask us not to be in fear, He commands us not to be in fear.

There’s so much more I could write, but this is getting long…. I’ll be sharing more soon!

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” -God

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Leading results based Celebrity Life Coach, Ashley specializes in emotional freedom, inner healing, unconscious and conscious mind transformation, and the internal resources necessary for success. There are solutions to suffering! . Ashley is known for  helping her clients have  radical lasting transformations and move into a state of  thriving, joy centered living, and success. .

“Our reality is often a mirror of what’s inside us, by transforming our inner world we can experience a new outer world.” –Ashley

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