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The following are resources I personally use and love!

There is truly no better investment than one that empowers you, helps you to expand and grow, and lights you up!

Shine that light brighter and brighter! 

I hope you enjoy these as much as I have and my clients have!

Please note, they are in no particular order. I suggest you browse through and feel into what draws you in. Whatever you feel a “pull towards” is most likely exactly what you need!

I plan on updating this list often, so make sure to check back when you’re ready for your next treasure!









My all time favorite spiritually based wealth consciousness book is The Abundance Book. This audio version of the Abundance Book including the 40 day prosperity plan is incredibly magical as it is read by the author himself, John Randolph Price and includes an evening meditation.

I recommend this audio in conjunction with the book:The Abundance Book

This is my absolute favorite book on manifestation. I highly recommend reading this book and listening to it’s audio over and over again.

I recommend this audio in conjunction with the book:A Happy Pocket Full of Money

I adore Thomas Leonard, and this is him speaking about the 28 Laws of Attraction from his  PROFOUND and POWERFUL book all about designing your life and biz AROUND YOU from the inside out. Absolutely incredible and yet simple attraction principles that allow you to step into your own unique Divine Life Power.

I recommend this audio in conjunction with the book:The 28 Laws of Attraction

Beautiful sharing of a powerful Tibetan practice and how to incorporate in our day to day life to achieve peace and happiness.

I recommend this audible as it’s Mike Dooley teaching a seminar about Leveraging the Universe and not only is it great wisdom, he’s so entertaining to listen to!

These are absolutely beautiful meditations to end the day and welcome a new day. So gentle, kind, and sweet with Louise’s magical motherly energy.



This was my go to book when I was getting over my money fears (okay money phobias and sheer panic). This powerful little pocket-sized book is a must have for you if you are looking to change your relationship with money and learn how to let Source be your infinite limitless supply. I keep this book on one of my Altars as it is so sacred to me.

This is the ultimate manifestation book! This incredible book takes an in-depth look at manifestation. I was so impressed how the Author managed to capture such a thorough explanation of manifesting while explaining the power of joy and the truth about wealth.

Neville Goddard has been called the Father of the Law of Attraction, his books are amazing!!! I absolutely love this book and it gives you all the prosperous mindset wisdom without any fluff. This is a powerful book! I recommend starting with this Neville Goddard book, and if you’ve loved it like I do then go on to his complete reader.

Neville Goddard is one of my absolute favorites! And this book is made up of several of his books. It’s so good! And so powerful!!! I recommend starting with The Wealth Mindset (located next to this book), and if you’ve enjoyed it, then move onto to this one. He was called the Father of the Law of Attraction and gives you powerful, transformative information without the fluff.

As many of you know, Neville Goddard is one of my absolute favorites! This book is included in his complete reader (see above), however if the complete reader doesn’t interest you- I suggest this book as well as the Wealth Mindset (see above).

Another Master before his time, Dr Joseph Murphy reveals the secret powers of the cosmic energies. This is a wonderfully empowering read!! The sharings, lessons, and stories in this book are timeless. Each chapter has an area of life where it shares a true story of a miracle provided as well as suggested mindset work or meditation. This is a powerful read!

A book full of short stories of real life examples and lessons of letting the Divine take the lead? Yes please!! Tosha Silver does an incredible job of sharing the importance of letting the Divine in and surrendering into the power of Source. Anything and everything is possible when we let the Divine take the lead!


This is the sequel to Tosha Silver’s Outrageous Openness and it’s also amazing!! I absolutely love her Divine Order invoking “change me prayers” and of course, even more wonderful real life stories and sharing of letting the Divine take the lead. It’s no secret that I avidly pray and surrender my attachments, worries, fears, and truly everything including my desires to the Divine. This book will help you step into the magic of prayer and letting the Divine’s will be your guide.


These books are life changing! However I will say you have to be ready for them. They are powerful and will give you a whole new view and connection to God. When you first start reading it, it may seem dense and like you want to quit reading but make it through the first chapter of the first book and if you’re ready for it, you will feel an incredible connection to that which we call God. These books are an intimate journey inward through the Author’s conversations with God that will open the doorways to your own intimate connection with God. Many of us speak to God but don’t feel we can truly hear God. These books are an incredible way to open to hearing God. Again I don’t know that I’d recommend these books if you’re just starting out on your spiritual journey, however if you feel like you’ve come to “know” a lot but are missing that piece of hearing God, these books are for you!


This is the first book in the series. Although I totally recommend the bundle listed next to this (they are that good), if you’re only going to read one, read this one! Remember, get through the first chapter. The beginning may feel off putting but keep going, it quickly becomes incredibly powerful. Please read what I wrote about this series. You have to be ready, but if you are – these books are incredible.

Deepak Chopra is a wealth of spiritual knowledge and this is a great, easy to read, easy to understand book that explains some of the Spiritual (and energetic) Laws at play when it comes to Success and Abundance.


If you’re sensitive to energy as I am, you really enjoy reading this energetic approach to money! This is a beautiful, gentle, and inspiring book that helps you create money by connecting with energy within.

Creating and call in love relationships, partnership, connections through first connecting with your own Soul. This book is a beautiful energetic approach to love in all it’s form.


Are you interested in receiving wisdom from your Higher Self, Angels, and Guides? This book teaches you how to connect with and channel your energetic support team in a gentle, loving, and safe way!

This is an absolutely amazing book about the Divine Feminine and how to relate and interact with the Divine Masculine. Much of this is David Deida’s teachings however it is delivered in a way that’s so easy to read and relatable to the feminine. I absolutely LOVE this read and believe all conscious women would benefit from it! This is one of my all time favorite love/relationship books!


If you love the power of prayer as much as me, you’ll LOVE this book full of so many different amazing prayers. However remember the secret to the power of prayer is to pray and feel as if your prayers have already been answered. That is the key!

I start each day off with the Abundance Book and a page from this awesome book by Marianne Williamson. Each day you read a page that has a gorgeous message for the day. How we start the day is everything. Each morning, dedicate a bit of time to strengthening your Divine alignment muscles. This sweet book is a powerful way to retrain your mind.

“Feel Free to Prosper” -Marily Janett A beautifully written book that explains how to harness the Universal Laws at play. She gives a great step by step journey into using these laws. Many of my clients have said “Oh my gosh Ash, she sounds like YOU!!!” I just found her recently, and really love her work. It’s very in alignment with mine. And who doesn’t love “Two weeks to unexpected income”! I also LOVE this accompanying audio book (link audible file or audible book via affiliate links)

Wallace D. Wattles was a Master before his time. The Science of Getting Rich is a wealth empowerment classic that everyone should read! Serious magic has happened for so many from continuously revisiting this book! I also highly recommend his other two “The Science of Being Great” and “The Science of Being Well”. This book is a convenient compilation of all three. Each book is very short yet very powerful!

Another amazing Master before her time, Florence Scovel Shinn was a metaphysician teaching the truth of our power and how our actions, thoughts, and words are creating our reality.

Yogananda was a powerful and beautiful teacher. His words are powerful. You can feel his wise, gentle, yet powerful energy in this book all about success.

This book is more of a pamphlet than a book but don’t let that discourage you, these are powerful affirmations and prayers written with Yogananda’s magic. There are some typos from the printers, but easily ignored. These affirmations/prayers are beautiful.

I am madly in love with this book! This book is written for women (however I believe it’s teachings are beneficial to all genders!). This book will guide you on how to get in touch with your truth, with what lights you up, and how to shine in this world. An excellent read that is guaranteed to brighten your life!

I love Rebecca’s writing style, it’s inspirational, easy to read, and invokes an inner desire to rise up, once again. I would recommend starting with her first book (as I loved it so much), and then adding in this one. This is all about the unleashing the Divine Feminine. Honoring it, embracing it, and embodying it. A beautifully written book.

 A beautiful book about invoking the inner Warrior Goddess and how to feel powerful in the Divine Feminine. Loaded with ancient wisdom, this book helps bring out the strength of a woman. A beautiful companion workbook as well is available (Warrior Goddess Training Companion Workbook)

Well the title says it all! Lol! This fun, upbeat book gives a real life look at this woman’s journey to overcome lack and limitation which giving practical lessons. A super fun book that makes money easy to talk about.

 This book is fun. Jen has a way with words. You feel like you’re hanging in a bar, having a cocktail with her. It’s great. Another book that does a great job talking about money in an easy, non-threatening manner. You can never have too many wealth consciousness books!

 If you have any doubt of there being unlimited support available, this is a great book for you! Gabrielle teaches about surrender while paralleling her own life.

Another fantastic book by Marianne Williamson that speaks to the metaphysics and spiritual principles involved in receiving money.

This book never goes out of a style. A powerful book regarding money and the power of our unconscious and conscious minds to create wealth.

This is a PROFOUND and POWERFUL book when it comes to designing your life and biz AROUND YOU from the inside out. Absolutely incredible and yet simple attraction principles that allow you to step into your own unique Divine Life Power.

I recommend this audio file in conjunction with the book:

 Audio File: The 28 Laws of Attraction

Ever wonder how to get your next client? If you are a Coach, Mentor, Therapist, Healer, Educator, Consultant, or client based Entrepreneur I highly recommend reading this book! If you are a Coach you must read this book! This book has a wonderful and systematic approach to creating your next client. Much of this I was already naturally doing with great success in expanding my client base of total soul-family clients. However, having this clarity and systematic approach to creating clients has put me at a whole new level. This works!

If you are a Creative of any kind, I highly recommend this book! It’s a gorgeous book about how to overcome fear and live and create life through your Divine given gift of creativity.

This book is all about Upper Limits, or as I commonly refer to as Unconscious Barriers. This book will give you great insight on ways that you self sabotage and keep yourself stuck, everything from money to love! Learn how your unconscious mind limits you and start busting your own barriers! (This happens to be a specialty of mine, *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*. If you need further help, you know where to find me!)

Barbara Stanny has a great collection of books empowering women with money. This is my favorite of her collection thus far. This book gives insight on how to create financial miracles as a spiritual woman.

I adore this book by Dr. Wayne Dyer. The beginning of the book totally captivated me right off the bat with beautiful sharings of physical healings and miracles. This book is another great book sharing insight and wisdom into manifesting and living a Divinely Aligned life. He speaks of the importance of the I AM presence. I adore Dr. Dyer’s fatherly energy that emanates from this book.

A fantastic book about manifesting and the Law of Attraction. I adore Esther Hicks and her work channeling Abraham Hicks. She always does an excellent, no BS job of sharing the Universal Laws and how we influence them.

A beautifully written book that will help open your eyes (and heart) to the truth and the ease of true love. Whether you’re calling in love, releasing love, or strengthening love this book will help you step into the flow and ease of true love.

This book clears up the energetic differences between the male and female energies and provides great insight into understanding each other. An absolute read to help you understand your partner more and how best to relate to the opposite sex. We are wired differently energetically, and this clears it all up! This book was written towards women, however I find this book incredibly useful for men too.

Okay gentleman, this book is for you! Learn how to master your masculine energies in today’s world.

Are you new to this whole idea of that life isn’t happening to you, you are actually creating everything you’re experiencing? Then this book is for you! This book gives you real life experiments to prove your power in this world and your life.

This is the sequel to E-squared and gives a whole new set of fun experiments to really open you up to your own manifesting powers.

Are you curious about astral projection, consciously separating from your body, and the astral realms? Then this book is for you! This is my favorite book for explaining out of body experiences. If you’ve ever been curious about it, this book is for you!

A great book that shares the magic and power of Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian forgiveness and clearing process. This book explains the phenomena of how Dr. Hew Len healed an entire ward of the criminally insane without seeing a single patient and by using these powerful words “I’m Sorry. I love you. Please forgive me. Thank you.” Ho’oponopono is a great energetic practice that I use in my daily life.

Think of this as the bible of spirituality. A Course In Miracles is a channeled text that is not a religion or doctrine, but instead a journey into training the mind to align with our truth, with Love and shed the limiting sight of lack and limitation. This is not an easy read, more of a book you continue to study, hence why I refer to it as the bible of spirituality. In this book is a text that you read at your own pace, as well as a work book in which you do one exercise per day for 365 days. This is to train your conscious and unconscious mind to a new way of thinking that allows a life of Miracles. I do the workbook every day, it is powerful.

Another great gem from Marianne Williamson. Not to be confused with A Course In Miracles, this is a book written using the principles of ACIM (as all of Marianne’s books are), to target weight loss and body image issues. This is a gorgeous spiritual approach to healing the emotional and spiritual bodies within while gaining insight, freedom, and liberation from physical reality issues related to carrying extra weight.

Does the idea of “selling” cause you any resistance? Then this is the book for you! This book will empower you via the unconscious mind science of selling. This book is a great tool in liberating you from the resistance.



These are not divination cards, but they are beautiful messages and scripture from Jesus, the teacher of miracles. I absolutely love these. They are gorgeous, uplifting, and remind us of the love and miracles always available to us.

Doreen virtue.—- beautiful deck of  cards using some of the most amazing Saints & Angels. There is a softness to this deck, yet so much power. A beautiful deck that I use to help me hear and receive from my Angels and God

This was my first deck of cards! Another super sweet deck with powerful insights and a way I help myself receive messages from God and my Angels.


 I often will pick one of these cards for the theme of the day or for anything I should pay attention too. This deck is totally sweet and informative and a tool I use to connect with God and my Angels.




heartmintBusiness Resources



Simplero Rocks!!! If you have an online biz that needs to host content, sell content, have a membership site, process payments, autoresponders, etc. This little online gem is for you! This is where I host my Energetic Meditations for sale as well as host all content and membership subscription for my Unicorn School and even have my premiere mentorship clients in my Money Maven Mentorship sign up for their payment subscriptions. Simplero is totally user friendly, affordable options for any level of biz owner, and totally a blast to “work” in! Enjoy!

Acuity is an awesome online scheduler. It’s super user friendly, syncs great, integration is easy, you can even accept payments through it. It’s very customizable, simple and affordable enough for the entrepreneur just starting out as well as advanced enough for a seasoned professional.

I love this totally affordable professional lighting bundle! I use it myself for videos and photography. Super easy to use and work great! Also come with a convenient carrying tote!



More of my very favorites coming soon!!

To help you create a life full of ease that you’re excited to wake up for!