Manifest Money Maven Intensive

Heal Your Relationship with Money!

Jump start your money NOW!

  • Begin to heal your relationship with money and your money story! Create a thriving and mutually beneficial relationship with money and start calling in your Divine Birthright of Abundance & Prosperity NOW!
  • Uncover and release your financial blocks and limiting negative beliefs that are keeping you from your Divine Birthright of Abundance!
  • Break free from your ancestral and family patterns around money as well as societal and collective consciousness.
  • Discover why you’re stuck in a certain financial bracket
  • Learn what money actually is and how to play with the vibration of money
  • Create new positive belief systems about money
  • Learn to feel supported by money and trust it to be there for you. Learn how to count on money like a dear friend!
  • Uncover how the way you’ve been relating to money is affecting other areas in your life! And in turn, when healing the financial area, enjoy other areas of your life improving greatly (for example romantic)
  • Get in your power! Learn about the importance of Divine Alignment & Divine Inspired Action and how to get in Alignment with wealth so money making becomes fun and easy! Stop exhausting yourself with action that doesn’t pay off. Learn how to take Divine Inspired Action! Stop the burn out!


Intensive includes:

  • Manifest Money Maven Intensive Workbook
  • 4 Power Packed hours via Video Conferencing (in person intensives available in Los Angeles, CA)
  • One 30 minute follow up session via phone

Praise from Manifest Money Maven Intensive Graduates!

“WOW, Ashley is an incredible soul!! I took the Money Maven Intensive with her and that time was jam-packed with all the things that I needed to kickstart my financial freedom. I had been in credit card debt for about a year, never being able to fully pay it off. Ever! It would never get lower than a certain amount (which was still a lot for me) and although my payments on the card exceeded the amount that was left, I was STILL in debt! I could never pay it off! Ashley has helped me shift my wealth consciousness dramatically and given me so many great tools to use in my day to day life that have made me happier, more at peace with myself, and inspired to live the life of my dreams. So after the intensive with her, I decided to teach a class for the first time ever to help bring in some extra cash. Using the tools she taught me, I have filled up over half my class in a short amount of time and it “just so happens” that the income I will receive from the people who have already signed up will COMPLETELY pay off my credit card finally AND leave me with extra spending cash!! THANK YOU, Ashley!!!

Gianina Monroe

Actress, Model, & Life Coach, Gianina Monroe Acting & Modeling

“Within just two weeks of working on my personal wealth consciousness with Ashley, I landed my absolute ideal job that I had spent months looking for without much success. I was offered $30,000 more than my previous job, along with commissions that will take my salary to a whole new level. I know that without Ashley’s program, I would not have landed this ideal position. With newfound confidence and clarity, the sky is the limit!”



“Ashley has phenomenal intuitive abilities and is wise beyond words.  She unlocks, in a systematic and easy to follow way, the path to fulfillment and abundance and it has made a huge difference in my life.  She is also a delight to work with.”

Dr. Cathy J