Joy Rising with Ashley Maven

Joy Rising is a unique one of it’s kind online membership program for horse lovers!

Emotional Fitness  .  Breakthrough in all Areas of Your Life  .  And all things Horses

Combining all my passions including my extensive background in neuroplasticity, emotional fitness, and partnership  based horsemanship, head on over for a wholeness approach to transformation, getting over suffering, living in joy, and dreams realized.

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Anxiety, people-pleasing, negative self talk and feeling stuck/stagnant have all been things I struggled with for years both in my riding and just life in general.

Now I’m genuinely excited about the future and go about life and riding in a much more peaceful and joyful way!

I’m just so thankful to Ashley for all her help over the past 2 years. She has been my Emotional Fitness/Life Coach, Horse Trainer, and now my Coach in Joy Rising. All that she’s taught me has made lasting changes in both my horse Auli’i and myself.

We are more relaxed, confident, balanced and are able to really ride with joy and softness between us. ❤️

I am not one to typically promote peeps or things, BUT Ashley has just released a new program for equestrians called Joy Rising. I’ve been doing the program for a few weeks and have worked with Ashley in the past in both horse training and her private life coaching and it’s been life changing!

Please check out her program Joy Rising!

Michelle Joy

Joy Rising Member

All I can say is WOW! I have spent the rest of my day basking in the “feeling” of what you helped (my horse) Rose and I accomplish today😌……I have watched the Joy Rising videos and the difference in both of us is astounding…..RELAXATION!!!!

THANK YOU so very much for not only giving me confidence back in what Rose and I can do together, but in giving me HOPE!

Thank you for allowing God to work through you🥰😘😍

Also, the live call in Joy Rising was truly a special time and perfect wind down time after our ride.

I am receiving such beautiful support and encouragement from Ashley and her program Joy Rising💓…..and Rose is benefitting as well. Happy Horse Happy Rider😁🥰💞

I honestly think Rose was saying “thank you”……that was the first kiss I have received from her and we are going on 3 years together🥰

Kim Shinn

Joy Rising Member