Success Maven Premiere 1 : 1 Mentorship


Divine Alignment Entrepreneurial Success & Wealth Coaching

Step into your financial power!

Learn how to make money the EASY thing in life doing what you love!

Create your dream reality from the inside out!

You are NOT a victim of circumstance!

Want to learn how to live in Divine Alignment and FREE of your self-imposed prison of negative and limiting beliefs while creating a thriving business that revolves around you?

Create a life where you expect miracles!

I, myself, was someone who suffered greatly because of fears and blocks around money. Money represented so much pain to me and I made my money in charge of so many illusions. This lack and limitation pattern kept me small, disempowered, in a lot of pain and didn’t allow me to expand. During this program our focus will be to empower you with money and heal the old money wounds as well as create prosperous systems and structures for your business.

This one on one Premiere Entrepreneurial Mentorship is designed to give you the customized and individual support needed to bust through any unconscious blocks, barriers, and defense mechanisms that have been keeping you stuck. Not only will you learn the entrepreneurial skills, systems and structures to create a thriving business, you will also learn what I call “the secret sauce of wealth”, which is Divine Alignment and Wealth Consciousness.

My background in Spirit, Mind, Body, Psychology (Psychoneurology) and Energy Medicine allow for a wholeness healing approach to money and business unlike any other. I will help you each step of the way bust through your painful money blocks, learn how to create a business that works for you and around you. And most importantly how to make money the easy thing in life! Learn how to live in vibrational alignment with wealth and abundance and get out of lack and limitation once and for all!

  • Heal your relationship with money! Heal your money story! Create a thriving and mutually beneficial relationship with money and start calling in your Divine Birthright of Abundance & Prosperity NOW!
  • Learn how to feel supported by money and create a new relationship where you expect money to be there for you.
  • Develop a healthy Wealth Consciousness that allows you to start easily attracting abundance.
  • Bust through financial set points and unconscious financial limitations so you can bring in more and more money. Stop upper limiting and self sabotage, and finally learn how to expand.
  • Uncover how the way you’ve been relating to money is affecting other areas in your life! And in turn, when healing the financial area, enjoy the benefits other areas of your life improving greatly.
  • Learn how to attract & create your Ideal Clients easily and have them seek you out!
  • Step into your value, learn how to raise your rates, convert your business structures and systems to ones that serve you, and all the steps along the way and in between to help you create a business vehicle that serves your passions while increasing your wealth.
  • Learn to create prosperity from your Divine Feminine energy. No more old masculine business paradigm.
  • Get in DIVINE ALIGNMENT and only take DIVINE INSPIRED ACTION. Stop spinning your wheels, over investing your time, stop burning out and using up all your energy on out of alignment action steps. Take Divinely Aligned Inspired Action to reap the reward of your efforts.
  • Make money being YOU! And doing what YOU love! Be YOU to receive, everyone else is already taken! It’s YOUR TIME to shine!
  • Learn how to make money the EASY thing in life !
  • Learn how to create lasting wealth from the inside out!


Have Ashley as your Mentor & Coach supporting you through your Divine Transformation!


Money Maven Signature System:

The Money Maven Signature System has 3 Mastery Pillars to Success & Wealth with Ease

Pillar 1: Business Mastery

Together we will set up your business around YOU and YOUR needs! This includes the appropriate Divinely Inspired Actions, Systems, and Structure that honor YOU and are in alignment with YOUR needs. Most business programs stop here, but there’s two other important components to Wealth & Success, the next two pillars!

Pillar 2: Self Mastery

Your money and business success is just a symptom of what’s going on inside of you. Success (of any kind) is truly an inside job! Learn how to take care of your inner world in a way that allows for Success! Remember, our unconscious mind (about 90% of our mind) hates change! It would rather keep you poor and struggling if that’s what it knows then allow you to create wealth and success because it’s terrified of the new thing! Even if the new thing is amazing because the Unconscious Mind is NOT logical! Finally get a hold of your mind and become the Divine Creator of your life by becoming the Divine Director of your inner world!

Pillar 3: Universal Mastery

There are always Universal Laws at play! By learning to take care of your inner world in a way that creates success, you are naturally Universally Aligned as well! All we ever have to do in biz (and life!) is meet the Divine half way and surrender the rest over. How amazing to let the Divine be your booking agent and your Source for everything! Together we will help you surrender into letting the Divine take the lead. This is where the Success with EASE comes into play!


Money Maven Mentorship

(10 Month, 6 Month, & 3 Month options available)

  • Three virtual 50 min sessions per month
  • Exclusive unlimited email access to Ashley
  • Regular email coaching, accountability, and support
  • Ongoing remote energetic clearings & downloads for the duration of your program (optional)
  • Exclusive access to the online Money Maven Mentorship Portal, rich with life changing resources including: Hypnotic Inductions, Energy Healing, Energetic Meditations, Books, and more!

Please note, the Money Maven Mentorship is designed to be at least a 6 month program, 10 months is recommended.

Payment arrangements available

“So, today I graduated from my six month Money Manifestation course with Ashley Maven! Talk about 6 of the most life altering months of my life! It’s unreal how much “stuff” affects your money making abilities that seemingly has nothing to do with money! Some highlights:

  • I overcame visibility issues that kept me from being active on YouTube. I’m now at over 50,000 views.
  • I launched my Major Weight Loss coaching programs and have been able to help a handful of women start the “rest of their lives”.
  • I’m working hard to no longer give energy to opportunities or people that don’t serve me. I’m starting to feel ok with saying “no.” I haven’t perfected it but I’m becoming more and more aware and better and better at letting go.
  • 3 of the 6 months I made more than double the highest amount I had made in any one month during 2014.
  • I created a work schedule and have stuck to it. This means for the first time in years I’ve actually had “free time”
  • I put together a plan to finish writing and to publish my memoir.
  • I’ve embraced how powerful my mind is and that my thoughts and where I focus my energy create my reality.
    & the most major….

For the first time in life I’ve allowed myself to accept a higher power. I didn’t believe at all, for most of my life. I was resistant to believing even though I was kind of feeling it, for the last few years. Today I can say with confidence and certainty that there is something bigger than me helping to make this amazing life possible.”

Ashley Romano

Major Weight Loss Coach & Fitness Expert, Big Girl Fit Girl

“I chose to invest in myself and the results have been completely life changing. I just had my third baby one month before I signed up for Ashley’s 6 month Money Program. I could think of so many reasons why I shouldn’t sign up now, why it was too much, why I wouldn’t have time to do it, etc. The truth is there are no excuses. I took the leap and have been beyond grateful ever since. I thought I had a great life before, but Ashley helped me take it to a whole new level. I transformed my practice to only working about 10 hours a week, and making at least twice what I used to make working full time. Some months even three times that. What!! Unbelievable right, but its true.  I now work three mornings a week only seeing the ideal clients that I want. She helped me create a big picture plan for my business, all with the foundation of working less, making more, and being happy!!  Ashley is a true genius and a special soul. With her strength, wisdom, intuition, love, and guidance she supported me in truly taking my life to a new level. I cant wait to see how my life continues to evolve.

I am forever grateful to you! Love you mama!!!”

Mira Roca MA MFT

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist & Life Coach, Mira Rocca Integrative Psychotherapy

“Signing up with Ashley has been hands down the best thing I’ve ever done for my bank account, my happiness, my quality of life and even my romantic life. This woman is genius and seriously magical. My life is so amazing because of Ashley. There aren’t enough words to express how incredible this woman is!”