Success Mentorship


Inner Success Transformational Program

Step out of lack and limitation and into abundance

You are NOT a victim of circumstance!

Be free of your self-imposed prison of negative and limiting beliefs, unconscious set points, and unconscious negative associations to success and step into success.

Let success be a joyous adventure!

I, myself, was someone who suffered greatly because of fears and blocks around money. Money represented so much pain to me and I made my money in charge of so many illusions. This lack and limitation pattern kept me small, disempowered, in a lot of suffering and didn’t allow me to truly succeed. During this program our focus will be to empower you and heal the old success wounds.

This one on one Premiere Success Mentorship is designed to give you the customized and individual support needed to bust through any unconscious blocks, barriers, and defense mechanisms that have been keeping you stuck. Not only will you learn success skills, systems and structures to create increase, we will dive deep into inner healing on success blocks.

My background in mind transformation and renewal allows for a wholeness healing approach to money issues, business issues, and success issues. I will help you each step of the way bust through your painful blocks, create your success around your specific passions, and receive.

This is not a program about greed and more for the sake of more, this is about honoring your God given gifts and receiving for them while blessing others, stepping out of the lies of fear and into abundance. Abundance is not just for personal gain, it’s about giving, doing good, and fulfilling purposes while receiving well for it!

Whether you are a CEO of a large corporation, or a solo-preneur just starting out, understanding how to move past your unconscious limits and set points while healing your relationship with success changes your wealth health reality for the better.


Have Ashley as your Mentor & Coach supporting you through your  Transformation!


Success Mentorship

(12 Month, 10 Month & 6 Month options available)

  • Three virtual 50 min sessions per month
  • Exclusive unlimited email access to Ashley
  • Regular email coaching, accountability, and support
  • Exclusive access to the online Mentorship Portal, rich with life changing resources and protocols for daily transformation.

Payment arrangements available

“So, today I graduated from my six month Money Manifestation course with Ashley Maven! Talk about 6 of the most life altering months of my life! It’s unreal how much “stuff” affects your money making abilities that seemingly has nothing to do with money! Some highlights:

  • I overcame visibility issues that kept me from being active on YouTube. I’m now at over 50,000 views.
  • I launched my Major Weight Loss coaching programs and have been able to help a handful of women start the “rest of their lives”.
  • I’m working hard to no longer give energy to opportunities or people that don’t serve me. I’m starting to feel ok with saying “no.” I haven’t perfected it but I’m becoming more and more aware and better and better at letting go.
  • 3 of the 6 months I made more than double the highest amount I had made in any one month during 2014.
  • I created a work schedule and have stuck to it. This means for the first time in years I’ve actually had “free time”
  • I put together a plan to finish writing and to publish my memoir.
  • I’ve embraced how powerful my mind is and that my thoughts and where I focus my energy create my reality.
    & the most major….

For the first time in life I’ve allowed myself to accept a higher power. I didn’t believe at all, for most of my life. I was resistant to believing even though I was kind of feeling it, for the last few years. Today I can say with confidence and certainty that there is something bigger than me helping to make this amazing life possible.”

Ashley Romano

Major Weight Loss Coach & Fitness Expert, Big Girl Fit Girl

“Ashley was referred to me by my wife during a challenging time in my life.  …a transitional time when my career was rather stagnant; albeit rebounding from the great recession. When I first began working with Ashley I was growing frustrated with my situation at a job for 2 years finding myself commuting 3-4 days a week for 4.5 to 5 hours a day working as a Construction Project Manager.  Within a few short months I ended up giving my notice and leapfrogged my career to become a Senior Project Manager at an established homebuilder earning 40% more compensation and a 40-minute commute! 

Before I began working with Ashley my views about money were completely askew and associated with childhood/family dramas which served no purpose in my adult life, and most of all were not aligned with my real aspirations. From the initial session of my 6-month coaching workshop, I was immediately hooked. Ashley guided me to a place of self-discovery and actually re-programmed how I treated the idea of ‘money’ and it’s role in my life.  I am now equipped with several powerful integrative mind-body-spirit excercises that continue to serve as my toolbox for my manifesting and creating wealth.  This life of mine is now completely transformed thanks to Ashley.  I firmly believe that everything in life happens for a reason. 

Ashley is truly one-of-a-kind and a life saver.”

Update: Ben now owns and operates his own successful company while working with Ashley!

Ben Rocca

Senior Project Manager & Entrepreneur

“I chose to invest in myself and the results have been completely life changing. I just had my third baby one month before I signed up for Ashley’s 6 month Money Program. I could think of so many reasons why I shouldn’t sign up now, why it was too much, why I wouldn’t have time to do it, etc. The truth is there are no excuses. I took the leap and have been beyond grateful ever since. I thought I had a great life before, but Ashley helped me take it to a whole new level. I transformed my practice to only working about 10 hours a week, and making at least twice what I used to make working full time. Some months even three times that. What!! Unbelievable right, but its true.  I now work three mornings a week only seeing the ideal clients that I want. She helped me create a big picture plan for my business, all with the foundation of working less, making more, and being happy!!  Ashley is a true genius and a special soul. With her strength, wisdom, intuition, love, and guidance she supported me in truly taking my life to a new level. I cant wait to see how my life continues to evolve.

I am forever grateful to you! Love you mama!!!”

Mira Roca MA MFT

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist & Life Coach, Mira Rocca Integrative Psychotherapy

“Working with Ashley this past year in her mentorship program has been amazing.

When I first signed up with Coach Ashley, I wanted to train professional athletes. I thought that in order to climb the ladder as an Athletic Trainer, training pros was the only real way to make money….boy was I wrong…

During our sessions, Ashley taught me to open up and get to know Casey. I used the inductions nightly, and started a morning routine with prayer, meditation, and wealth conscious reading. I also chose several books off her favorite lists and began reading.

Month by month, I started to notice changes in my thoughts, actions, and words. I started blessing everything and everyone and really connecting to the Divine.

I remember in one session, I told Ashley I didn’t know how to connect to the Divine, and now I pray daily and thank my Source for all my abundance.

I also went back to school to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner which I received a full scholarship for “totally unexpected and out of the blue.”

Now I am able to work from home, work my own schedule and wake up every day and start my day with Casey time. I no longer punch a clock, scavenge to get clients, or believe that only one avenue will bring me revenue.

She is the BEST!

And I highly recommend anyone looking to change their life to reach out to her.”

Casey Czuj

Ayurvedic Practioner & Master Powerplate Trainer & Coach

“Signing up with Ashley has been hands down the best thing I’ve ever done for my bank account, my happiness, my quality of life and even my romantic life. This woman is genius and seriously magical. My life is so amazing because of Ashley. There aren’t enough words to express how incredible this woman is!”