Miracle Maven Premiere 1:1 Mentorship

Step into the Happiest, Healthiest, Wealthiest You!

…Powerful Coaching for Powerful People…

Learn to Expect Miracles!

This Success Mentorship is designed to help you step into the most powerful, most fulfilled, and fullest expression of yourself creating a life you’re excited to live.

What has been holding you back or keeping you from your dream reality? Really think about this for a second…

Fear? Anxiety? Worry?

Self judgement? Worst self critic?

Feeling of being not good enough? Not worthy enough? Or simply just not enough?

How about your growing up story? Is it writing your grown up story?

Is visibility an issue for you? Or does the constant worry of what others think keep you from moving forward?

Have you lost the fun in life? Does the idea of play seem nothing more than a fleeting childhood memory?

Tired? Burnt out?

How about not enough time?

Your age?

Your finances?

It’s amazing the plethora of excuses our Unconscious sets forth to keep us stuck, keep us living a life that is familiar.


Our Unconscious Mind hates change! It would literally rather keep everything the same even if that means poor, sick, alone than allow you to have the “new” thing. Even if the new thing is more love, more wealth, more happiness, and more joy.

Yes, our Unconscious is not logical whatsoever but it’s running the show and creating our reality….

The other main issue why I see so many living mundanely versus vibrantly is that we live in a task oriented, motivation, goal setting society.

If checking off things on your to do lists excites you than have at it!

But if you’re someone like me, and do best living an Inspired life, totally Lit Up, and feeling Excited and Enthusiastic... then this Mentorship is for you!

“What the world needs now is Love”…… And more Play!!!!

What if your day to day life could be set up in a way that you were excited to wake up for it?

What if you knew how to take care of your inner world, direct your mind in specifics ways, and create your internal and external worlds in ways that allowed you to truly live?

Yes…. You can have it all!


We will start by defining what Success means to YOU!


  • We will get clear on your own unique needs, values, and desires and we will design your life around just that…. YOU and your uniqueness(this is NOT a one size fits all program because those do not work!)
  • We will do all the necessary internal healing to allow this incredible shift.
  • And we will build the necessary Unconscious Resources for your transformations to be not only enjoyable but sustainable!
  • We will also help you learn how to leverage all the Universal Laws at play so you can step into a Life of Ease and live in a way where you Expect Miracles. Divine Alignment allows Divine Flow!

Everything starts within!

Miracle Maven Mentorship

(12 Month, 6 Month & 3 Month options available)

  • Three virtual 50 min sessions per month
  • Exclusive unlimited email access to Ashley
  • Regular email coaching and support
  • Exclusive access to the online Maven Mentorship Portal, rich with life changing resources including: Hypnotic Inductions, Energetics, Energetic Meditations, Books, and more!

Payment arrangements available

Working with Ashley Maven has changed me in ways I didn’t even know were possible. The life I have now I never knew could be possible.

We all have our “stuff” and the beliefs we have held about ourselves and others since childhood. She has continued to challenge me and give me the tools I need to be successful from the inside out.  I have more peace of mind and clarity than I have ever dreamed possible. Every part of my life has blossomed and continues to grow and become more and more easy and relaxed. She has helped me to see the blinders I have held in blocking success and helped me to remove them! 

She has given me the keys to my success I needed to enhance every part of my life. I am forever thankful to this fabulous woman! She gives so much to her clients. Everyone needs an Ashley!!!

So thankful for her!

Jen Dallas

President & Principal Designer, Jen Dallas Inc.|Interior Design Studio

“I never knew life could be this good! Ashley has taught me to take care of myself in a way that allows me to have a magical life. In implementing the surprisingly simple practices while following her guidance, I was able to really start creating my life how I want it! Ashley is exceptionally gifted and strikingly wise. There’s no one else out there like her. ”



“Ashley has helped me overcome anxiety and fears that I could not understand or figure out how to let go of. Her guidance and healing has allowed me to live a more peaceful and happy life. I am forever grateful to her. Thank you Ashley!”

Stephanie Rose

Independent Consultant and Network Marketing Coach, Arbonne International, Pure, Safe, Beneficial--Skincare, Nutrition and Cosmetics

“It has been my blessing to have met Ashley; she as helped guide me through my fears and due to her compassion and kindness I have come out a stronger women. I have found the courage to challenge my thoughts and the strength to live a life I deserve, full of blessings and happiness. Thank you Ashley for all that you give.”