Solution to Suffering

Be free of the emotional suffering patterns that have been holding you back and get to your dreams & desires from the inside out!

There is no need to silently suffer anymore!

“Emotional torment is no match for Ashley Maven’s powerful approach”

The mind is powerful and when tended to correctly, it can work for you instead of against you.

This unique neuroplasticity approach is what allowed me to become free from a lifetime of suffering including debilitating anxiety, panic attacks, trauma responses, depression, as well as the effects of narcissistic and borderline abuse.

And I’ve had the honor and pleasure of helping so many be set free too!

This program is for you if you suffer from any of the following:heartpink

  • Anxiety, worry, stress, overwhelm, perfectionism, fear, phobia
  • Depression, discouragement, hopelessness, mental exhaustion, self sabotage
  • Procrastination, isolation, escapism, false comforts (for example food)
  • Living in the past or in the future, hard time being present
  • Trauma responses, reliving trauma, stuck in the mind, trouble letting go
  • Nightmares, rehearsing the worst in your mind, unsettled feeling, trouble focussing and concentrating
  • Lack of fulfillment, empty feeling, mundane feeling
  • Narcissistic or borderline abuse
  • Grief

This program is custom tailored to fit your specific needs, please schedule a complimentary consultation so we can explore the best option for you.

Together we will overcome the root issues of the suffering patterns in your life, & get you into joy centered living and thriving. Living fulfilled, lit up, and passionate for life. 

“Anxiety, people-pleasing, negative self talk and feeling stuck/stagnant have all been things I struggled with for years both in my riding and just life in general.

Now I’m genuinely excited about the future and go about life and riding in a much more peaceful and joyful way!

I’m just so thankful to Ashley for all her help over the past 2 years. She has been my Emotional Fitness/Life Coach, Horse Trainer, and now my Coach in Joy Rising. All that she’s taught me has made lasting changes in both my horse Auli’i and myself.

We are more relaxed, confident, balanced and are able to really ride with joy and softness between us. ❤️

I am not one to typically promote peeps or things, BUT Ashley has just released a new program for equestrians called Joy Rising. I’ve been doing the program for a few weeks and have worked with Ashley in the past in both horse training and her private life coaching and it’s been life changing!

Please check out her program Joy Rising!”

Michelle Joy

“Working with Ashley is one of the best decisions I have ever made! 

After just one meeting, things began to shift — her guidance is pure gold and the tools she shares are as effective as they are enjoyable. Once anxious, fearful and insecure, I have overcome trauma and grown into a self-assured solopreneur with a thriving interior design business. I have literally blossomed in every way — professionally, personally and spiritually. 

Forever grateful for her — so glad I made the choice to invest in myself!”

Debbie Marden

Interior Designer

Working with Ashley Maven has changed me in ways I didn’t even know were possible. The life I have now I never knew could be possible.

We all have our “stuff” and the beliefs we have held about ourselves and others since childhood. She has continued to challenge me and give me the tools I need to be successful from the inside out.  I have more peace of mind and clarity than I have ever dreamed possible. Every part of my life has blossomed and continues to grow and become more and more easy and relaxed. She has helped me to see the blinders I have held in blocking success and helped me to remove them! 

She has given me the keys to my success I needed to enhance every part of my life. I am forever thankful to this fabulous woman! She gives so much to her clients. Everyone needs an Ashley!!!

So thankful for her!


Jennifer Dallas

President & Principal Designer , Jen Dallas Inc.|Interior Design Studio

“It has been my blessing to have met Ashley; she as helped guide me through my fears and due to her compassion and kindness I have come out a stronger women. I have found the courage to challenge my thoughts and the strength to live a life I deserve, full of blessings and happiness. Thank you Ashley for all that you give.”

Smadar R.