Update!   Announcement!   Divine changes!   Game changer!

Due to some ridiculously strong intuition & Divine nudges I could no longer ignore….

Unicorn School will cater to the Entrepreneur,

helping you Master that inner world component necessary for

success with ease in your biz!







Sooo you may ask, why the heck the name Unicorn School?

It’s a great example of taking care of my inner world, living in Divine Alignment, receiving massive Divine Inspiration, and prospering with ease!

You gotta admit, it caught your attention, right?

In this video I share how I totally tried to reject the name!

Spirit and my Higher Self are just awesome when I listen to their guidance!

Yes, I’ll teach you how to do the same.

I added in some bloopers so you can get a real behind the scenes look at my life and a couple of secrets of mine, he he…



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I constantly get asked similar questions:

“How is your life so full of ease?”

“How do you make so much money with so little work?”

“How are you so happy?”

“How is your life filled with so much magic and so many miracles all the time?”

“Are you for real?”

Yes, I am absolutely “for real” and can show you how to have the same ease, magic, joy, and power in life.



No, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon.

No, I am not “just lucky”.

No, life hasn’t always been easy, magical, or miracle filled …. and let me tell ya, I wasn’t always happy. Quite the opposite!

I started on a self healing journey a few years ago to figure out this whole life thing. In my journey, I truly learned the “Secret” to life, how to feel amazing, how to have a magical life, how to create wealth easily, and how to manifest easily.

Is it a pill? A potion? Nooooooooo silly, but wouldn’t that be nice? It’s even better though!

I learned how to tend to my inner world and step into Divine Alignment of everything I so desired in life. I learned how to maintain a high vibration, how to take care of myself mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. And in doing so, that’s when  life became full of ease.

I learned how to be the Divine Creator and the Master of my own life.

As long as I take care of my inner world, my outer world… my life, is pretty much taken care of for me!

Unicorn school is all about teaching you how to feel amazing, while deliberately aligning with all you desire (for magic, miracles, and easy manifesting), and stepping into the Universal Flow of life.

Imagine waking up feeling amazing with a deep core conviction, a knowing deep in your bones of unwavering faith, feeling completely supported by the Universe, by Source and having evidence of this being true! Imagine knowing everything is taken care of as long as you take care of you. Imagine finally feeling “at home”, but the “at home” is within you always.

We only ever feel alone, lonely, or fearful when we partake in the illusion of  being separate from Source. When you consciously and unconsciously change how you’re relating to the Universe or to Source (insert whatever word works for ya!), your whole reality changes. And life can be easy!


I used to struggle…. ohhhhh did I used to struggle…..

By my early adulthood here are some of the labels I carried around as well as up to 11 psychoactive prescriptions at any one time (all Doctor prescribed):

Depression (and many times Suicidal), Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Bi Polar, ADD/ADHD, Dissociative Disorder to name a few…..

It turns out I was just friggin’ awesome and mainstream society just didn’t know what to do with me! hahahaha!

There wasn’t anything wrong with me, I just didn’t have the skill sets of how to feel good! 

Growing up, no one taught me how to feel good!

Think about it, we’re constantly being shown and taught, whether by mass media or any other lack of consciousness that JOY is something OUTSIDE of us that we have to get, or obtain.

“If I had this amount of money I’d be happy”

“If my body what this way, I’d be happy”

“If I had this boyfriend, I’d be happy”

And for me, “If I rode Grand Prix Dressage (horseback riding), I’d be happy…”


Well let me tell you, I had them all, and guess what… each time I’d obtain them, each time I got what I thought would make me happy…. I was still miserable!

By my early 20s I had accomplished all my dreams! And still, I was suffering. You can imagine how desperate I felt!

Joy isn’t because … Joy just is!

Joy is an inside job. So is Wealth. So are Miracles. So is an easy life.

It all starts in the inner world!


On my journey to become happy and whole, to learn how to feel good and fill myself up, to feel fulfilled …. and heck if we’re being honest here…. to friggin’ stop wanting to die (that’s how this journey started), I truly learned how to FEEL GOOD! How to be HAPPY! How to feel connected and supported by life and how to create a state of joy that NO ONE, or NO CIRCUMSTANCE could ever effect. Why? Because it was MY creation from within!

Now here’s the kicker, once I started feeling good, oh mmm gosh….. all these things started to show up in life that felt AMAZING! Opportunities, material manifestations, miracles and magic.

You mean I can have all this just because I learned how to tend to my inner world????

What?? Shhuudd up! It’s this easy??? Okay so there was one teeny tiny thing that no matter how hard I tried, it was still a struggle **drum roll puh-lease**


I was always in a mild state of discomfort…. okay terror…. when it came to money! So of course, my physical reality was strenuous, tiring, exhausting, friggin’ want to punch something, when it came to anything money. I had to learn how to heal this component as well.

It turned out it was much like my journey to feeling good, however there was a deeper core of truly learning how to surrender and allow the Divine Source energy to work through me and support me.

Let me tell you… that was hard! I didn’t trust nearly anyone in life to support me, and I was supposed to hand it over to a deity in the sky? You GOTS to be kidding me! Yah… I didn’t really understand the whole Source thang fully….

But once I learned how to tend to my inner world regarding money…. guess what…. money began to show up!

Do you have a wealth consciousness? If not…. you GOTS to get one!

The BEST investment I have ever made has been in building my relationship with Myself, with Source, with Inner Joy, and with Money.

And that is why I created Unicorn School for you!

… if we’re being accurate, it was actually shown to me through Source and I was called to support you and serve you in this way. It was a magical moment! More on that in just a bit…

Creating my life from the inside out, tending to and nurturing my inner world in these very specific ways, this is the “Secret Sauce” to my delicious life!


This is how I made money the easy thing in life!

As many of you are familiar with, we have this awesome Law of Attraction that’s always in play.

Let’s first look at the Law of Gravity.

If I picked up this very lap top computer I’m typing on and then dropped it, are any of you going to say “Hmmmm, I wonder if Ashley’s computer will fall and hit the floor, or perhaps it will levitate back onto her table?”

A little cosmic law humor for you… hee hee!

Okay so OF COURSE you all will have a natural reaction and believe it’s about to eat dust on my bamboo floors…. You don’t doubt if the law of gravity exists or if it’s working, you just accept that it’s at play and understand how to work with the law of gravity practically on autopilot in your day to day life.

For example, you know that if you’d like to put a little coconut sugar and cinnamon in your coffee (as I do, yum!), all you do is aim and pour it into the cup and the law of gravity will take care of the rest for ya!

Imagine having that relationship with the Law of Attraction? That easy going trust, faith, and KNOWING how to be in your day to day life to get the things you desire!

Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. That’s it!

But it’s more involved than just “happy thoughts”, vision boards and affirmations (however these are awesome!)….. if that were the case we’d all have everything we want. Right? So what’s missing….?




The secret behind getting what you desire is to be in Divine Alignment with your desires.

To be a vibrational match both unconsciously and consciously.

This is my specialty!

“You don’t get what you want, you get what you are.”


I have learned how to take care of my inner world and all its components in a way that my outer world can reflect the same brilliance back to me.

This is how my life is so fun, so magical, so EASY (cuz I’m ALL about the ease!!!).

This is how I’m so happy and so filled with joy (no, despite popular beliefs – I do not take happy pills or smoke anything)


This is how I’m so abundant & how money is the easy thing in life.


This is how I’m so fulfilled, so supported, & feel so safe.


Because I’m a brilliant friggin’ inner world landscaper, gardener, tender to, master magical world contractor.

I know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it…

I have impeccable self care, self love, that goes deeper than any “think happy thoughts” methodology.

And guess what, I want to teach you how to do the same!

And hence, I birthed “Unicorn School”

(immaculate conception from the heavens).

Think of me as your Fairy Godmother

(a nickname several of my clients call me!)

Unicorn School is the place sensitive sweeties can congregate, come together in love and light and learn how to take care of their inner world, step into Divine Alignment, and get the life they so Desire!

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Unicorn School is for you if…

Deeply desire to feel good!

Want to create a life you're excited to wake up for!

You take full responsibility for yourself, your thoughts, your feelings and you acknowledge they are your own.

It’s in this ownership that you have a great power to shift your life! And you want that shift!

You are willing (and excited) to show up 100%

And will implement the transformative and life changing learnings!

You are really curious and happily intrigued by the magical and mystical of life!

Angels and Fairies? Where?! Energy? Oh yah!!

You are ready to accept the Light into your life!

You are ready to receive in your life (any and all areas) and ready to let the light support you.

You want to learn how to tap into your inner knowing.

And into the always available and infinite supply of Divine Wisdom, Divine Guidance, and Divine Inspiration.

You want to learn how to embrace, how to honor, and how to utilize your greatest asset to create the life you desire.

This asset is so unique and so incredible that only YOU have been gifted it. What’s this unparalleled asset you ask? It’s YOU!!! Wouldn’t it be amazing to just be you, just follow your bliss, follow what lights you up, show up fully as you (perceived flaws and all) and that be more than enough? mmmmm hmmmm…. it’s amazeballs! Want a little more information on how embracing even the parts of yourself that you judge harshly can bring you continued success? Check out this popular blog post of mine by clicking here. When I finally embraced a part of me I had shamefully hid away, my biz accelerated and some serious magic money occurred regularly.

You want to step into your Divine Power!

And learn how to have Universal and Self Mastery. You’re ready for life to get goooooooood! Life and Biz! The contents of this Course can be used in all areas of your life.

You are kind to others!

Your level of group participation, discussion, etc is totally up to you! I honor that everyone has a different comfort level. However, when you do participate, you participate with kindness and compassion. Because Unicorn School is a place for EVERYONE to feel loved, supported, and nurtured.

Bonus! If you are a fellow Coach, Healer, and/or Therapist

And want to learn how to be more effective with your clients. You will be able to share what you’ve learned, including processes and protocols, with your clientele.


Unicorn School is not for you if…


You want to hang onto your past pains, suffer, complain, and be negative. And want to hate yourself.

Listen, I get it! Much of my past is like a Lifetime Movie Special …however, there’s nothing for me in the pain and negativity. If you’re still holding on and want to be in pain, you’re not ready for Unicorn School.

You are addicted to drama and like to gossip

I also get it! Our unconscious loves drama, but Unicorn School is a drama free zone to protect the integrity of the high vibration magic we’re creating together.

You are seeking a magical pill to fix everything, or are looking for a powerful sorceress to wave a magic wand and fix your life.

But man wouldn’t that be a doozie? The key to having success in Unicorn School is to show up fully and be willing, ready, and excited to take responsibility for your life and be willing to act on the direction given.

You want my undivided attention all for you and no one else, are wanting exclusive one on one support, and one on one therapy and coaching.

This is a powerful group learning environment. We’re thriving as a community. So although I will be checking in with you regularly and happily available to support you in the group, this is not a one on one mentorship. For that level of support, please click here to check out my Premiere Mentorship or click here to get on the waitlist for my Alignment & Strategy Sessions.

You are uncomfortable with the idea of Source, Universe, God, Light or Energy, etc.

This is not a religious program and happily and respectfully open to all faiths. However the metaphysical reference of the stated above will be used. If you are not okay with that, then this isn’t the program for you.

Although we will be covering topics such as Money & Abundance, this is not a business school

Profound things have happened in my biz life just from learning how to care for my inner world and step into Divine Alignment. However, this is not a business course and open to everyone. For more in depth support with your business, please check out my Entrepreneurial Mentorships here.

If you're not a great fit for this Course, no worries!

I hope to have other opportunities and offerings that are more in alignment with you! I totally appreciate you hanging with me on this page.

If you’re an ideal candidate for Unicorn School…

If you’re feeling that pull, that nudge in your gut, your heart opening, and/or a feeling of giddy goodness…

then I invite you to come on board and take this magical and powerful journey with me!

Claim your spot now!

(Limited availability. Sign up so you don’t miss out!)

Enrolling now!!

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So what’s the Unicorn School specs?

Unicorn School starts December 1, 2015 !

Unicorn School is a 4 month light filled journey

We will have 2 powerful magic packed live classes per month

And 1 mystical and magical, restorative and rejuvenating Energy Medicine and/or Energetic Meditation live call per month

A super special and sacred private online community and forum where we will connect, support each other, lift each other up, spread love, and receive further guidance.

I will also include regular opportunities for momentous Question & Answers via this forum where I will be ready to serve and play.

Ongoing powerful tools, tips, tricks, processes, playwork (much better than homework), and Unicorn-licious content so you have an inner care toolbox stocked with resources always.

All the classes and calls will be recorded and available to you for the duration of the program, so if you are unable to attend live, no problem! I got ya covered!

*** Emotional outburst side note…. weeee!!!! This is going to be so fun!!***

“Unicorn School was hands down one of the best investments I ever made.
Ashley truly is a Unicorn and she helped me tame my monkey mind & turn outdated beliefs about money, abundance, and wealth into new ways of thinking that serve me much better. She gave us so many tools and practices to use, and they really work! I now know to change my thinking and my mindset to be a vibrational match for what I desire, I use what she taught every single day. In the four month program I saw an increase in my income every month, without working any harder. In fact, I’ve never been more relaxed about my business and I’ve had a flood of creative ideas now that I’m not preoccupied with what isn’t working.
If you are considering Unicorn School, I highly recommend it!”

Lisa Rose

Love, Dating, & Intimacy Expert, Deeper Love, Better Sex

“Unicorn school was the PERECT course for me!!!! Ashley gave us so many insightful tools and teachings to practice and incorporate into our lives. The environment was so sweet and loving and incredibly supportive! I see myself starting to get off track emotionally and I immediately put to use something that Ashley taught me. They work so well! I have literally grown in consciousness and as a whole being to step into a beautiful, magical life!! Thank you, Ashley!”

Gianina Monroe

Actress, Model, and Life Coach, Gianina Monroe Acting & Modeling

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