Emotional Hygiene & Joy

Emotional Hygiene & Joy

Emotional hygiene:
Probably most of us don’t put much thought or effort into making sure we brush our teeth, shower regularly, or put on deodorant, etc. It’s just something we’ve chosen to do because the consequences of stinking are non-negotiable.

What if you looked at your emotional health the same way??

We’ve all had an experience where we were around someone who wasn’t taking care of their emotional hygiene, and do you notice how you can actually feel the effects of being around that person long after? Much like smelling someone’s body odor, the nausea may follow you for quite some time…

My emotional health became a non-negotiable just like brushing my teeth, putting deodorant on, or taking a shower. The consequences of not are something I’m not willing to experience! And it’s not just about affecting others, I want to feel good!

Many people hold this false belief that joy is something external that happens to them. Like an event or experience, a material attainment, being in love, etc etc etc.

That’s such a disempowered way of going through life. You’re creating a sitting duck experience of life – if x,y,z happens then I’ll be happy…. this will always be a gamble, sometimes you may win, but many time the “house” will win.

There’s a far better way to go through life, and that is purposely creating your joy from the inside out.

Think about a time when you experienced joy… did that thing, event, or person, jump inside you to create joy??

For example, maybe a time you were in love you felt immense joy. Guess what, that person you were in love with did not jump inside you, forcefully change your thoughts and how you were running your mind and nervous system to create joyful feelings. YOU created them, you gave yourself permission to feel those feelings based on your experience of the person.

You hold that same power every moment of your life. You CAN create joy.

True lasting joy isn’t because of anything, it just is… meaning it’s an emotional pattern created and experienced by you.

For those who are in patterns of emotional suffering (whether depression or anxiety, ptsd, trauma response, etc), the work I do targets the unconscious & conscious minds, neural pathways, and nervous system to create a natural stable internal state of joy.

Yes you still have to choose take care of your emotional hygiene on the daily, but it becomes as simple and repetitive as brushing your teeth.

Reach out if you need help! It’s what I do!
Wishing you a joy-filled day!


Leading results based Psychoneurologist and Celebrity Life Coach, Ashley specializes in emotional health and wellness, unconscious and conscious mind transformation, and the internal resources necessary for success and of course, how to create a life you're excited to wake up for.. Ashley is known for helping her clients have radical lasting transformations and move into a state of abundance, thriving, and joy centered living.

“Our reality is often a mirror of what’s inside us, by transforming our inner world we can experience a new outer world.” –Ashley

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